Lap Around the Web – Sept. 11th

The Jaguar D-Type is arguably one of the most beautiful, and certainly one of the most valuable, cars that Great Britain has ever produced. That’s why it was such a treat to see so many of them racing at the Goodwood Revival this past weekend. As a photographer, I’m sure it would be a treat to shoot one of these amazing cars sitting in the paddock but could you imagine how cool and exciting it would be to actually ride along in one around the track, hanging out the side over that glorious side-exit exhaust and snap rolling photos of multiple other D-Types as they follow you around the track?! That’s some serious bucket list level stuff right there, and luckily, someone from Classic Driver had the opportunity to make my dream become their reality this past weekend at the Goodwood Revival. And if for some reason Jaguar D-Types don’t get your heart racing, they’ve got plenty of other coverage from the event here, here, and here.

Speaking of gorgeous old Jaguars, this one is taking classic looks into the future with some clever engineering you might not expect! Jaguar Land Rover Classic Works Department restored this E-Type to the highest possible standard, but instead of rebuilding the sonorous straight-6 engine that usually resides between the front wheels, Classic Works went ahead and installed a custom EV drivetrain. The new electric motor fits within the footprint of the original engine but manages to shave about 46 kg out of the car in the process while adding a bit of power to the equation as well. Now the EV Jag can make the sprint to 60 MPH in just 5.5 seconds. The rest of the car has been updated as well with a large carbon fiber panel covering the dash and a new touchscreen replacing all of the old mechanical switchgear. As much as I love the sound these E-Types produce, I think I’m actually OK with this new direction as well.

It’s pretty hard not to love the F40. It’s hard to call it “pretty” in a traditional sense but I find that I can’t help but respect its purposeful looks and incredible capabilities in the hands of a talented driver. In this case, that driver is the professional racer, Cooper McNeil. While the F40 is an automotive icon in every sense of the word and this latest Petrolicious video highlights all its finest points such as how fast it is, as well as…. How fast it is.

With values of old air-cooled Porsches still soaring sky-high, it’s nice to see people are still modifying, driving, and just generally enjoying older 911s instead of just squirreling them away in climate-controlled garages and wiping them down with a diaper¬†every Sunday. This recent-ish trend of “Outlaw” 911s, where they get stripped down, simplified, and pumped up on power has taken on a life of its own with more and more hobbyists jumping into projects in an attempt to find their own unique take on such a quintessential sports car. For example, just take a look at Markus Haub’s 1970 911 featured on Petrolicious. When he got it, it was a rusty, non-running heap of a car, but after years of restoration and tinkering, it’s turned into quite the focused machine you see before you.

Last but not least, we head out to the desert with the guys from Dirt Every Day and their recently acquired military-spec Humvee pickup. After purchasing it at a military surplus yard the guys installed a roll cage and bigger tires before heading to the desert to put the big truck through its paces. Sure, it’s a bit sketchy and doesn’t look particularly comfortable compared to modern off-roaders like the Ford Raptor, but it’s hard to find a truck that looks more badass on that rough terrain than an old camo’ed Hummer.

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