Lap Around the Web – Sep 25th

When it comes to racing, there’s passing someone and then there’s passing someoneIf you watched yesterday’s IMSA race from Laguna Seca, you might’ve seen what could likely be one of the most epic passes of the entire 2017 motorsports season. If you’ve been following the IMSA season, you’ll know that the Cadillacs have been pretty dominant this season, which is why it was so surprising that Renger Van Der Zande made a heroic pass for the lead in his #90 Ligier prototype, squeaking by one of those Cadillacs IN the Corkscrew on the second to last lap. He then hung onto that lead for the last lap of the race to take his and his team’s first victory in IMSA. Many have said that this move echoes Alex Zanardi’s epic Corkscrew pass during the 1996 CART race at the same track. But why not watch it for yourself and decide if this should qualify for “pass of the year” or not?

Madman Ken Block is at it again with his Gymkhana series, this time partnering with Toyo Tires to create Climbkhana: an all-out, sideways assault up Pikes Peak in his 1,400 hp ’65 Mustang. Pikes Peak is a scary climb at 15 mph so seeing Ken literally fly up the hill, often sideways with all four tires engulfed in smoke, using every last inch of the road is nothing short of humbling. If you want to see some of the most intense precision driving in the world, you’ve got to watch this.

This year, the Frankfurt International Auto Show was more than just about the latest and greatest fast or technologically marvelous cars coming to the market soon. With so much interest in vintage cars lately, tons of manufacturers and tuners brought in a taste of nostalgia to their booths. I mean, who doesn’t love seeing rainbow-colored ’80s Porsches or big, boxy Benzes in similarly wild hues? There’s literally something for everyone at the Frankfurt International Auto Show and Petrolicious was there to share it with us.

Why yes, that IS a Cummins 6BT turbo diesel poking out of the relatively modest front end of a Mazda RX-8. And while it doesn’t exactly fit under the hood, the car might be all the better as a result. I mean, the 6-cylinder lump is roughly 4.5x larger than the little 1.3-liter rotary that it replaces, and that was before you start talking about that huge Holset turbo you see mounted up top. Although the Speedhunters story makes no mention of horsepower or torque figures, it’s probably safe to assume it’s a healthy bit more than the stock engine produced. And believe it or not, I’d bet that the fuel economy has improved over a stock RX-8 as well!

An oldie but a goody, here’s one of my favorite videos from when Motor Trend pitted the Porsche 918 Spyder against the McLaren P1 around Laguna Seca. I won’t spoil the surprise of which one was faster if you haven’t already seen this video, but it’s always fun to see some of the fastest and most exotic cars on the market compete against one another.

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