Lap Around the Web – Oct. 9th

As most of you reading this might’ve noticed if you weren’t living under a rock for the last couple months, there was a rare total solar eclipse in August. While many people jumped on the bandwagon in the months or weeks leading up to the eclipse, some people (mostly astronomers or nerdy photographers) had been planning to view the event for years. Sam Bendall, for instance, had been looking forward to the eclipse for close to a decade and had been planning his ideal way of viewing the eclipse when the time came. Luckily, as the time approached, his schedule cleared to allow him to make a once in a lifetime journey from California to Oregon on his motorcycle where he enjoyed over 1500 miles of beautiful roads over the course of 4 days. His story is both interesting and awe-inspiring and will make you long for a similar opportunity.

Last week, I talked about a couple dudes who tackled the Gambler 500 race in Oregon with a crusty old AMC Javelin/Mercedes. While their adventure was perhaps a bit more in the spirit of the event running the cheapest vehicle they could get their hands on, the guys from Dirt Every Day also took on the Gambler but with something a bit better suited to the challenge with a groovy ’70s van. If you’ve got 20 minutes to spare, it’s definitely worth watching their video of the trip because A) their van is AWESOME, B) you get a great sense of what the Gambler is all about, and C) you get a taste of some of the 750 other vehicles that competed in the Gambler this year.

This 1948 Packard Eight station wagon is already about as cool and classy as it gets for a road trip vehicle, but what really makes this car unique is the matching tear-drop trailer of similar vintage. Could you imagine loading the family up in this gorgeous car and heading out on the open road? The kids could be playing games in the huge back seat while you gobble up the miles listening to some old school tunes up front. Then, when you get to your destination, you just park up, fire up the stove in the back of the camper to cook up dinner and pile into the camper for bedtime.

I’d like to think that Morrie’s plans some pretty amazing track days for our friends and customers to enjoy but Japan’s Nicole Auto Group might’ve just taken things up a notch. Their Racing Days event at former F1 circuit Fuji Speedway is pretty incredible given the breadth of cars that attended. From a huge collection of sporty BMWs to Ferraris and Bugatti EB110s, to full-fledged race cars, there appears to be a little something for everyone. Heck, it looks like even a few Rolls Royces made it onto the track for some very comfortable and relaxing hot laps. It looks like my kind of fun!

Finally, this might be one of the coolest and most exciting builds I’ve ever seen. As you might be able to tell from the picture, that is a 1971 Datsun 240Z with the heart of an R35 GT-R shoehorned under the long hood. Dubbed the “GT-Z”, it’s being built for notable Australian drifter, Joel Dimmack. When completed, it’s not just going to be another beautiful car that prowls the streets where it will only rarely get to flex its muscle. Instead, Joel plans to compete in drift events with the car, giving it the proper thrashing every car built to this caliber deserves. I mean, just look at that roll cage. This thing is meant to be used and I so desperately hope that there will soon be some video footage of this glorious machine doing what it does best.

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