Lap Around the Web – Oct. 2nd

I love weird cars. Cars with a story, a unique history, or a secret life. And that’s exactly why I had to feature this Porsche 356-based “Kaiserslautern Coupe”. It’s one of those cars that can show up at a car show or event and despite the condition, it’ll draw a crowd and hundreds of questions all day because everyone is curious what it is, where it came from, and why it exists. The story about this rare car is actually even more interesting than I would’ve guessed, but not wanting to spoil the surprise, I recommend you head on over to Petrolicious to read the owner’s story about it.

Speaking of oddball cars, the Lancia Sibilo concept is perhaps one of the weirdest and most polarizing concept cars that Bertone has ever designed. Built over the lengthened frame of a Stratos and powered by the same 190hp V6 from the Dino, the Sibilo was Marcello Gandini’s attempt to create a post-modern sports car for the 1980s. In the end, the brown on gold color scheme failed to impress the general public and things like the hand-painted windows that were meant to blend into the rest of the car along with the wooden wheels left a lot to be desired in terms of finishing. Still though, it certainly had a way of grabbing peoples’ attention.

Alfa Romeo GTA’s are becoming highly sought after, but being factory lightweight specials designed to be driven hard, many of them are better used as scrap metal than they are to be flogged around a narrow back road. Luckily, Alfaholics has come onto the scene as one of the best restorers of these gorgeous vintage cars with a whole range of GTA restorations to fit closely within the budget of someone who might also be considering a Singer 911. As you’d expect with something so precious, it’s an absolutely brilliant machine to drive, as my idol Chris Harris proves in the video above.

There’s something about vintage racing that gets my heart pumping a little bit faster. Not only do the cars generally look and sound better than their modern counterparts but vintage racing really only seems to occur in some of the most beautiful settings in the world. Especially when it comes to Europe, where so many historic races were driven on public roads through some of the most gorgeous and challenging stretches of pavement, it always seems like there’s some incredible vintage racing going on. I’ve always wanted to visit one of these races, whether it was at the Nurburgring or Spa or try to follow along on the Mille Miglia, but now I have a new bucket list race that I need to attend: the Grossglockner Grand Prix. It’s a historic hillclimb up a jaw-dropping mountain pass in the heart of the Alps with an insane mix of cars including a V16 Auto Union Type-D, a blower Bentley, Porsche 904, Maserati 8CM, some vintage Bugatti race cars, and even a Messerschmitt Tiger.

The Gambler 500 is a cruel mistress of a race. With a $500 budget to build a machine capable of traversing the gnarliest off-road terrain Oregon has to offer, it’s an event bound to break just as many hearts as it does cars. For Zac Bowman and his friends Jake and Cody, their Gambler 500 entry – a ratty 1972 AMC Javelin – broke down with a bad transmission just 50 miles into their journey to the starting line of the Gambler. So, maybe not the best start to the event, but why would three resourceful guys with a few bucks between them stop there? The event itself sounds like a forest and mountain-based version of Burning Man with all sorts of oddball cars and characters to interact with. But you’ll have to head over to the Roadkill website to read more about it.

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