Lap Around the Web – Mar 5, 2018

Having spent a number of years working in an automotive assembly plant, I have a certain affinity towards seeing photos from inside other plants. Although the aging plant I worked in wasn’t as stark, quiet, or clean as many modern-day assembly plants are, it’s cool to see other old-school plants where truly desirable cars were once produced. While there are certainly differences between how a factory that assembles VW Buses or Fiat 500s would look and operate compared to one that assembled Ferraris, there are plenty of fun similarities too. And looking for those similarities is totally why I geeked out over these photos collected by Petrolicious this past weekend.

Just. Look. At. This. Nothing on four wheels has any right to be this beautiful. This is the 1967 Ferrari 412 P Competizione and it’s gorgeous and I think I love it. And you know what? I bet it sounds every bit as good as it looks too. There’s just something special and organic about hand-formed aluminum panels. There’s a soul there that modern, mass-produced cars can’t emulate, no matter how beautiful they may be. This thing looks like just as much of a spaceship today as it did 51 years ago.

Do you ever start driving somewhere and forget what vehicle you’re in? Maybe this guy woke up on the other side of the bed and hopped into this box truck, and forgot it wasn’t his drift car? Either way, watching this guy slide is huge box truck down a slippery, snow-covered hillside road is pretty awe-inspiring. By the end of the video, I couldn’t help but wonder what he was carrying in the back of the truck and how big of a mess he’d have to clean up when he got to his destination and had to unload.

File this under “Why Not?” but I’m kinda digging this ’81 Accord with a Tesla battery pack and motors crammed into it. Looking at the build photos, this was no small undertaking and although the build isn’t as clean as some of the other EV conversions you might’ve seen lately, I like the vaguely Mad-Max vibe that this car gives off. What vehicle do you think would be cool to convert into an EV?

Road & Track recently asked who built the best development cars. While Ferrari has been famous for starting the Enzo project with a hacked up 348, there are tons of other examples of crazy development cars that once ran around collecting valuable data for their respective automakers. There are actually quite a few that didn’t make Road & Track’s modest list of nine. Can you think of any other cool examples of development cars you’ve seen or heard of? Let us know!


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