Lap Around the Web – June 5th

Vintage racing offers a whole host of advantages for spectators over its modern equivalents, such as better access to the cars, (usually) cheaper tickets to the races, and in some cases, better racing. Looking back at last week’s Monaco Grand Prix, there was barely any passing on the tight streets of Monaco during the race because the new cars are wider and more evenly matched than ever before, but with vintage racing, the tiny little race cars of yore, before all the big front wings and steamroller sized tires, were able to dash around each other for position with relative ease. Click the link to Jalopnik for the full video of this race and just watch as the gorgeous, cigar-shaped ’58 Maserati 250F picks its way through the grid of equally lovely competition.

Speaking of vintage racing, Petrolicious just stocked their marketplace with a number of gorgeous illustrations depicting a number of historically significant race cars from yesteryear created by artist Guy Allen. Petrolicious currently has six different prints in stock, covering all the high points of German and Italian sports and race cars. Although I’m rather partial to the Alfa Romeo GTA and Lamborghini Countach LP400, you can never go wrong with some BMW 3.0 CSLs or Group C race cars either.

1984 Lancia 037 Group B Evo 2 from Girardo & Co. on Vimeo.

Continuing with the vintage race car vibe I seem to have accidentally started going with today, I was pretty excited to find this video showcasing all the cool technical details and driving impressions of the history 1984 Lancia 037 Evo 2 Group B rally car. This supercharged monster looks like an absolute monster to pilot around a track, much less on the loose gravel of a rally stage. Although 300 hp might not sound like much today, this car was an absolute flyweight compared to even modern rally cars. Almost as impressive as the car is the host’s driving skills. Those lightning fast, heel-toe downshifts and effortless drifts are awe-inspiring, to say the least.

With the 24 Hours of Le Mans right around the corner, we’re starting to see more and more beautiful race cars getting ready to tackle one of the world’s most grueling races. Perhaps one of the most beautiful we’ve seen so far is Labre Competition’s C7.R Corvette that will be competing in the LMGTE class. The #50 Corvette showed up at Ramzi Adek’s studio as a blank slate and the artist took it upon himself to paint the car with this wild and vivid comic book themed livery. Taking it one step further, Adek used special fluorescent paint that glows brightly under black light. This is one car that should look just as cool during the day as it does during the night stages of the race!

This is super cool.

That is all.

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