Lap Around the Web – June 12th

I probably shared some photos from Luftgekuhlt 4 a few weeks ago, but very few people can capture the event like Speedhunter’s Larry Chen. He had early access to the event space the day before the show to capture the carefully curated selection of iconic Porsches as they were being unloaded and moved around. Now Speedhunters is sharing all the beautiful photos that Larry captured, both before and during the Luftgekuhlt. If you like vintage Porsches, it’s definitely worth a look.

Canepa Porsche 917 Engine Restoration from Canepa on Vimeo.

Speaking of air-cooled Porsches, the legends at Canepa Motorsports recently shared this awesome video of a 917 engine being torn down, restored, and rebuilt. It’s so rare to see such intricate details of such an iconic and powerful car so it’s amazing that Canepa took the time to document and share the process. Better yet, it’s probably the very same car seen in this video with Patrick Long piloting it around Willow Springs.

Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too? Fast, sporty people movers are kind of all the rage these days, but there was a time when crazy, sportscar-blooded vans and SUVs used to take to the track and stomp on much sportier cars. Auto manufacturers built V12-powered SUVs, F1-engined minivans, and shoved supercar development engines into cargo vans. Crazy stuff like that has all been watered down into 500+ horsepower SUVs that spend most of their time in traffic or hauling kids to soccer practice, but I’d love to see the day when all practicality is stripped out and the knob gets turned to 11, just because it can. Thankfully, Petrolicious seems to agree with me and put together this lovely tribute to the crazy people movers that used to actually surprise people.

It’s officially road trip season and Road & Track has highlighted some of the most beautiful driving roads in the U.S. And now all I want to do is pack up my car and hit the road. Have you had the chance to drive any of the roads mentioned in the article? Or do you have any suggestions of other roads to drive? Leave a comment and let us know where you’ve been and where we should go next!

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