Lap Around the Web – July 31st

I’ve always had a soft spot for the AMC Javelin. Straight from the factory, they had an awesome, hunkered down stance that looked the business. Even better still, was the Mark Donohue’s Penske Javelin Trans-Am car that he campaigned in 1971. It’s lower, covered in a gorgeous and patriotic red, white, and blue livery, and completely stripped out. The fine lads at Stanceworks saw this rad ride recently and I’m thankful they’re sharing the pictures. This thing is just dripping with subtle aggression, especially when you see the tachometer that redlines at 9300 RPM.

Ah, the age-old discussion of setting a fast lap time or enjoying the act of driving. Sure, both the GT-R and 911R are capable of being insanely rapid no matter how they’re driven, but which is really better? Personally, I think it comes down to individual preference as well as what the desired goal is. Since the number of times I find myself competing at the act of driving falls far short of how often I find myself simply participating in the act of driving, I’m inclined to stick with slower, but ultimately more rewarding analog cars. I know there are plenty of people who also take pride in knowing they have the fastest car at any particular time, even if they can’t always exercise its full capabilities on the street, and that’s okay too. So, which do you prefer? Analog or digital?

It’s no surprise that London is a hub for gorgeous and rare cars. Even though the city itself is far from car-friendly, it makes for an interesting backdrop for what very well might be one of the coolest new Concours events out there. The London City Concours might not be quite as picturesque as Villa d’Este or the Monterey coastline, but London’s beautiful cityscape isn’t half bad, either. Mix in some of the rarest, most beautiful street and race cars imaginable and you’ve set the stage for one heck of a car show! Click the link to check out a huge photo gallery of the event over on Jalopnik.

I don’t usually get too excited about electric vehicles, but for some reason, this ticks a lot of boxes for me. Maybe it’s the rugged, boxy, Land Rover Defender-esque looks or the trick suspension that gives it tons of ground clearance, but the want is real. Better still, the floor-mounted battery pack means that the inside of the Bollinger B1 is incredibly spacious and reconfigurable to enable it to carry a much larger payload than you might expect. Road & Track recently spent some time with the B1 prototype and came back impressed. And why wouldn’t they? Even though it costs upwards of $80k for a no-frills, utilitarian vehicle, it’ll go just about anywhere you could want to take it and carry all your stuff with it, all while still being able to hit 60 MPH from a standstill in just 4.5 seconds. That’s mighty impressive in my book!

Any old rocket scientist could tell you how a jet engine works, but I’ve always considered it two parts science and three parts magic with a dash of air and fuel. This handy 1950’s video from Wonder Jet breaks down the science and physics of jet propulsion to make it a little easier to wrap your head around. Heck, you might even be inspired to buy a surplus jet engine online and find a way to cram it into your next project car!

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