Lap Around the Web – Jan 2nd, 2018

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to work on the best car in the world (spoiler alert: it’s the McLaren F1), there’s only one man trained to do so in the entirety of North America. His name is Kevin Hines and he calls McLaren of Philadelphia his home. Although he started off wrenching on American iron with his dad, he became a BMW tech in the ’90s before working his way up the food chain to Porsche, and finally onto McLaren where he now has the skillset to work on one of the most fanatically engineered cars on the planet. Road & Track recently had the chance to interview Kevin about what it’s like to work on such a finely tuned machine and his stories are almost as amazing as the car itself.

Looking for a way to go overlanding or off-roading in style? Perhaps you’re wondering if a classic SUV or truck is right for you. Luckily, Expedition Portal has put together a handy buyer’s guide for anyone looking for the perfect old-school off-roader that brings up everything you should be thinking about and looking for before buying. From building something yourself from the ground up to buying a turn-key solution from any number of reputable shops, this article ought to help you narrow down your search.

Want to hear a cool story about racing? I mean, a REALLY cool story that could virtually never happen in racing today? John Ficarra, the former marketing director, and historian at Canepa shares one of the all-time greatest racing stories about the Whittington Brothers and how they went from complete unknowns in the racing world to winning the 24 Hrs of Le Mans outright with a Kremer-built Porsche 935 and a duffel bag full of cash. Sure, there might’ve been some shady stuff going on behind the pit wall to create some unfair advantages, but what’s not to like about an underdog victory at one of the most famous and dangerous races in the world?

The Maserati Tipo 60/61 Birdcage is one of the most beautiful and elegant racecars of its era. So much so, that most people completely forget about its successor, the Tipo 63. Here, the looks are a perhaps a bit more controversial, although no doubt more functional as well. It’s no doubt that the Tipo 63 cars are rare and historic relics of Maserati’s past, but history has not been kind to them, likely a result of some turmoil the Italian automaker was facing during the time when this car was being raced. To learn more about these special cars, head on over to Classic Driver for a breakdown on this fine machine as well as the story of another chassis number that found itself saved from the scrapheap.

Ever wonder how a manual transmission works? Or how depressing the clutch pedal interrupts the flow of power from your engine? We found a video to help explain the whole process in minute detail. It’s fascinating, but also a bit drab, so if you already know how a clutch works but you’re having trouble sleeping, this video might be able to help you get some sleep as well.

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  1. Perry Juel January 3, 2018 at 2:08 pm - Reply

    The Whittington Bros video clip brings back memories of them flying in to BIR in a pair of P-51 Mustangs. On Race Day they took off from the main straight, gave the crowd a quick air show, climbed into their 935s, ran the race, and flew on to their next party.
    They were living large on a scale that none of us could have imagined.

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