Lap Around the Web – Jan. 22, 2018

When I first saw photos of the Liberty Walk “Miura”, I thought/hoped it was some sort of CGI trickery. Surely, nobody would take such a rare, iconic, and valuable car and go full “hellaflush” on it. And luckily, this wild creation is based on a Ford GT40 kit car chassis with custom body panels formed around it to resemble the Miura, all done to surprisingly accurate effect. The result is a car that sits just 32.2″ tall (that’s below the top of the tire on most Jeeps) and with the over fenders and super dished wheels, it looks more like a skateboard than it does a car. While this build surely ruffled plenty of feathers when it was debuted last week, I’ve got to say that I like the idea behind it. Really though, I’m just glad no real Miuras were hurt in the making of this build.

Filming real, intense racing in an exciting, immersive way is incredibly difficult. Leave it to Hollywood to go all-in on unlocking the secret to making films like Grand Prix or Steve McQueen’s “Le Mans” before the days of just sticking a camera on an arm to a blacked out Cayenne or similarly sporty SUV. Back in the ’60s and ’70s however, film studios and producers used to take real race cars and rig them up with cameras in some truly terrifying and sketchy ways to get the shot. Whether it was strapping a brave cameraman to the nose cone of a formula car or chopping the roof off of a GT40, Hollywoods tried it all and truly innovated how we watch movies involving racing. For more crazy examples, check out the article on

The Dakar Rally is one THE most brutal race in the world. The two-week long event covers some of the roughest terrains in South America with a number of classes ranging from dirt bikes and quads to specially-built rally cars and even big rig trucks! Although this short video just covers the top finishers in each class, it’s worth checking out this video that follows Peugeot driver Sebastian Loeb as he prepared for this year’s Dakar.

Man, old race cars are just the coolest, aren’t they? Just check out this beautiful ’58 Lister Chevy Knobbly.

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