Lap Around the Web – Feb 5, 2018

I wasn’t sure what to make of this car at first. The rear reminds me of the gorgeous Alfa Romeo Tipo 33 Stradale while the rest of the car seems like some weirdly proportioned DeTomaso knockoff or something. It turns out to be a one-off concept car built by former GM engineer, Bill Molzon, who got sick of the bean-counters and wanted to build his own dream car that was faster than a Corvette, better on fuel than a Corvair, and handled like a Lotus. The end result was the 1968 Molzon Concept Corsa GT38. The tiny car packed a 200-hp punch in the form of a Corvair flat-6 that was massaged to generate about 200 hp. Not bad for a car weighing only 1100 lbs. Despite fantastic results and heaps of praise from the likes of Road & Track, Mr. Molzon only ever built the one.

You know who loves Porsche 917s? This guy (casually points to self). And that’s why I’m going to share some cool pics and some lovely storytelling courtesy of Petrolicious about one of the most epic race cars Porsche has ever built. This stuff is just soaking in classic motorsports nostalgia. Instead of butchering the stories trying to paraphrase them, I’d just direct you to check out the article for yourself.

This is Frank. No, not the guy on the bike. The bike itself is named Frank. Frank started off as a 2007 Triumph Speed Triple that was tired and beat. That’s where Classified Moto comes in, as they built this gnarly machine for Rebel Yell Bourbon. Obviously, the standout feature on Frank is the beefy ATV wheel/tire combo on the back which was facilitated by a custom chromoly steel swingarm. It’s a cool bike built by cool dudes for other cool dudes. Cool.

Say it’s 1953 and you’re Shell Oil. Your products are used in all sorts of applications but nowhere is it easier to convey your message to potential customers than at the race track. But not everyone is able to go to the race track so you have to bring the racing to them, which is why you put together a talented video crew to film that racing. Now, things are going pretty well and you’re the official oil sponsor of the Mille Miglia. In order to bring that great racing footage to your customers, you need to film one of the longest races in the world and in order to keep up with the cars that are using your product, you need an equally fast car. So you enter a Ferrari 166MM into the race as your camera car and have a hot-shoe driver chauffer your cameraman around while filming the action of one of the biggest racing events in the world. Yeah, that sounds pretty cool.

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