When you own one of the pre-eminent classic car insurance providers you get exposed to some of the neatest cars in existence and collect some truly fascinating data on vehicle valuations. Petrolicious had the opportunity to sit down with that man — McKeel Hagerty — and ask him the tough questions. See what he had to say about auction fixing, Porsches and building your dream collection.


You’ve all probably seen that late model import in the mall parking lot. You know, the one sporting a ridiculous rear wing that makes it look like a shopping cart. While it provides no functional value in this instance there are indeed aerodynamic aids that appear equally ridiculous, but are remarkably functional. What do you think of the most ridiculous aerodynamics in motorsport?

Morrie's Tercel

Every week Autoweek features a “Junkyard Treasure” and running across this brown beauty got us all emotional thinking about the 4WD Tercel Wagon we once had. We put together this heartfelt tribute to it and we thought sharing it was only fitting. Although it is gone it will never be forgotten.

Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 10.31.11 AM

Jeff Zwart gives the phrase over the river and through woods a whole new meaning as he races up Pikes Peak in his turbocharged Porsche 911 GT3 at a record pace. If you get nervous even thinking about driving on mountain passes you better skip ahead. If you’re into turbo whooshes, Rocky Mountain highs and precipitous drops it’s best that you click the link above immediately.