2018 is the year of green. Everywhere you look, manufacturers are coming out with new cars in stunning hues such as Porsche’s bright and wild Lizard Green on the GT3RS or Audi’s classy and sophisticated Sonoma Green they used a launch color on the new RS5 Sportback. All signs are pointing to green being very much the “it” color right now and taking that trend to new heights is, of course, a small Italian company known as Automobili Amos who has embued their new reimagined Lancia Delta Futurista. Other than the price, which is $350,000, Automobili Amos hasn’t published any numbers about this new project. And that’s because, according to the creator of this project, the Delta Futurista isn’t about numbers. It’s about how it makes you feel; it’s about the emotion of driving the car. And to me, that’s pretty cool. Sure, it’s lighter, faster, and more luxurious than the original Delta Integrale, but that’s not the point. To learn more about the gorgeous and green Lancia Delta Futurista as reimagined by Automobili Amos, check out this article about it on Jalopnik.

What’s not to love about the Meyers Manx? It’s a plucky little dune buggy built with old Beetle parts and it was so cool that even Steve McQueen had one. Sure, it’s not the kind of car you’d want to drive daily but for a fun summer cruiser to take around the lakes or cruise the back roads in cabin country, it’s hard to imagine anything more fun! And unlike most vehicles you’d think of taking off-road, the Meyers Manx is so small and light and nimble that it just sort of surfs right over the rough terrain. Plus, if you do get into trouble and break something, trail-side repairs are usually about as simple as they come, with everything of importance located in an easy to reach, and easy to fix, location. Check out the video to see why the Meyers Manx is such an iconic vehicle!

Okay, this is my last post about Car Week and the Monterey Historics, I promise! I just wanted to highlight how cool it was that Nissan was the featured marque this year at the Historics, as well as a few nearby events. And with that honor came a slew of beautiful vintage Nissans and Datsuns, as well as some gorgeous concept cars from Infiniti. Seeing all these gorgeous Datsun 510s and 240Z’s makes me wonder why we don’t have one in the MHCC fleet for everyone to rent. Maybe someday we’ll find a good example that deserves a spot in the lineup but in the meantime, just drool over all these great photos from Speedhunters. And if you don’t like Nissans and prefer your vintage JDM goodness to be rotary-powered, they also have an awesome set of photos of all the cool Mazdas at Laguna Seca.

There’s a lot of love here for the boxy Land Rover Defender. Sure, it’s not fast, or comfortable, or beautifully styled, but it has a charm all of its own that has been developed over decades of trials and tribulations as a go-anywhere offroader. For a brief history on why the iconic Defender is just so dang cool, head over to Silodrome and check out their awesome article all about how the Defender came to be and what that means in today’s automotive landscape.