This past weekend, a large number of Europe’s finest vintage racecars descended upon the historic Goodwood racing circuit for the annual Goodwood Revival. The Goodwood Revival is basically a time warp back to the 1950s, with period-correct cars, attire, and activities filling the grounds at the Goodwood estate. It’s pure sensory overload with all the sites and sounds of the past everywhere you look, and nowhere else will you see such intense wheel-to-wheel racing with cars that cost millions of dollars. Check out some highlight photos from the event here on Classic Driver and here on Petrolicious and make sure to check out some of the awesome racing highlight videos below as well.

This was one of the best races I’ve ever seen, period. You’ve got the 250 GTO Breadvan locked in an epic battle with a gorgeous Jaguar E-Type from the green flag to the checker with the cars changing positions every couple of laps of the Kinrara Trophy. Add in an epic soundtrack of the Ferrari’s small-bore V12 and the Jag’s burly straight-6 mixed in with an assortment of other heavily breathing vintage motors around the track and I can’t imagine how things could get any more exciting to watch! There’s also some great in-car footage from the Breadvan throughout the race that can be seen here and another highlight video showing some of the other interesting parts of the Kinrara Trophy race here.

The RAC TT race was another one worth watching, with a thundering mix of Shelby Cobras, early Jaguar E-Type LTCs, Corvettes, and other lightweight race cars. With gobs of power and vintage tires, it was no surprise to see a number of these raucous race cars sliding around nearly every corner on the track, usually while simultaneously belching fireballs from their exhausts. There were plenty of other awesome races throughout the weekend at the Goodwood Revival, including the Sussex Trophy where a mean green Lister Knobbly started the race from pit lane in last place and worked its way up to a victory on the last lap of the race. There was a great Lotus/Ferrari battle in the Glover Trophy race as well, with the spindly little vintage Formula 1 cars chasing each other around the track lap after lap. And to give the kids something to do, the Settrington Cup featured a Le Mans start with the children running across the track to their pedal cars and drag racing down the front straight!

Switching gears a little bit to another cool vintage racing event in Europe, the Arosa Hillclimb in Switzerland is one of those beautiful, bucket list events where you see priceless vintage race cars charge up the side of a mountain in one of the more picturesque places on earth. Of course, if you’re in such a beautiful place, it only makes sense you’d bring a beautiful car too, which is where this pair of IWC-sponsored Mercedes-Benz 300SL gullwing race cars come in handy. IWC also brought in the Austrian former-F1 driver, Karl Wendlinger. To learn more about the hill climb event, as well as the cars, head on over to Petrolicious.

Have you ever heard of the Volkswagen SP2? Yeah, me either. But apparently, they share some DNA with the original Beetle, which includes the rear-mounted air-cooled flat-4 engine. Part of the reason you don’t see them often is that they were built in Brazil and never sold in the US. This example found its way to Europe though, where its owners slammed it on some wide 17″ wheels and really embraced the eccentricity of the car with how they chose to modify it. You might think something as sporty looking as the SP2 would be pretty quick, but with only 65 hp on tap, it’s certainly better suited to cruising than any sort of sporting endeavors. To learn more about this modified ’73 VW SP2, head over to Stanceworks.