I’m not sure if this qualifies as part of the rebirth of the “Van Life” movement but there’s something about seeing a bunch of big 20+ year old full-size vans sliding and dive bombing each other around a race track that gets my juices flowing. There’s something about these “Dajiban” that screams cool. Who’d of thunk a big metal box with expensive shocks, sticky tires, and half-assed aero (because who are you kidding by putting a wing on your van?) would be so much fun to look at? Diving deeper, this has become a bit of cultural phenomenon in Japan as used short wheelbase, rear-wheel drive vans from the 1970s through the early 1990s have been repurposed as track toys in the most ridiculous way. Inside, the plush rows of seating have been stripped out, only to be replaced by spindly racing seats and all the typical controls you’d expect in a race car. To read more about the art of racing in a van, check out Sam Smith’s wonderful article on Road & Track.

Having seen a bunch of content from the awesome Luftgekuhlt Porsche shows over the past few years, it’s high time that someone decided to put together another awesome curated car show that takes a look at another important vehicle in the automotive landscape. Given its rich and illustrious history, the Land Rover Defender and its earlier Series brethren seem like the perfect vehicles to idolize next. Enter the Trans Terras; a car show that is more about appreciating patina and sharing stories than it is about pristine Concours-quality restorations and meticulous record keeping. Hosted on the old-timey grounds of Paramount Ranch in Calabasas, CA, this was the first of the Trans Terras but certainly not the last. There are already plans to make the event an annual one going forward. To learn more and to see some great photos from the event, head over to Petrolicious.

Who says Ferraris can’t be a family affair? Around the hills surrounding Monte Carlo, the Raduno Padre-Figlio treats father-son teams to some breathtaking views as they cruise the countryside together. As cars seem to move further down the list of interests with each passing generation, events like the Raduno Padre-Figlio ignite that passion for cars, particularly those from the most passionate brand on the market today. Aside from the incredible mix of Ferraris both new and old, there were numerous other things to enjoy along the Raduno, with catered meals, activities with like-minded individuals, and more. Luckily, all you need in order to enter future Raduno Padre Figlio events are a Ferrari in Monaco, a son, and a boatload of money. Classic Driver has the rest of the story on this wholesome family-focused event.

Hopefully, you’ve already checked out Adam’s coverage from SEMA this year, but if not, here’s a pretty awesome hour-long video supercut of all the cool stuff at the show from the dudes at Hoonigan. They walk the halls of the huge Las Vegas convention center sharing their favorite rides and also throw down plenty of donuts in their own outdoor shred space. So if you can find about an hour to watch this, you definitely should, but make sure to check out Adam’s recap first!