I love the Mazda RX-7. Every generation looked cool in its own way and the rotary engines that powered them are the brappy, fire-breathing, rev machines that dreams are made of. So what do you do when you love RX-7s but also want 4 seats? You get yourself an RX-3 and put a more modern 13B rotary and slap a big turbo on it. That’s how you get a 4-seat car that weighs roughly 2,000 lbs while making an ear-shattering 420 hp. But this 1971 Mazda RX-3, owned by California native Joe Feng, isn’t only about going fast in a straight line. Instead, over the 5 years that this RX-3 was built, Joe focused just as much on the suspension and interior to make it a well-balanced, do-everything street car. With 15×9- and 15×10-inch wheels and equally massive sticky rubber on those flared fenders, and an interior full of period-correct Mazda goodies, this RX-3 is a canyon carver’s dream! To read more about this beautiful and functional RX-3, make sure to visit Speedhunters.

Just because it’s cold out and everything is frozen doesn’t mean you can’t still have fun on four wheels. While plenty of people dust off their snowmobiles, it’s tough to get out when there isn’t any snow on the ground. This time of year, when things are just starting freeze up, is perfect for what you see above: a shifter kart with studded tires that you can shred on a frozen lake or river of your choice. The fact that this kart will pull wheelies with relative ease while also sliding sideways with ease is all I need to see to know this is the best bad idea I’ve ever seen. Now, who’s got an old go-kart they don’t need?

Whether it’s got two wheels or four wheels, there’s something cool about old BMWs. What started life as a pretty dorky-looking 1980s BMW R80 RT touring bike has taken on a new life as a sophisticated cafe racer from the guys at Moto Adonis. A custom exhaust helps the BMW’s engine breath a little better and a Honda CB500 tank makes the R80 RT’s silhouette look much sleeker than the original. Personally, I’m a fan of the red anodized inverted forks from a GSXR that contrast beautifully with the red and black pinstripes on the grey tank. The rest of the bike is all business with the sleek, solid wheels and black accents. To learn more about this Moto Adonis BMW R80 RT project, check out this article on Silodrome.

With only a handful remaining in original condition, this 1976 Porsche 911 Targa police car took owner Ari Epstein more than two years to find. Up until the mid-1990’s, these rare 911s were the fastest cars in the Belgian police force. Personally, I love the subtlety of it all, with just the one bright orange stripe, complimented by a few extra lights and sirens that separate this car from a regular 911. But under the rear decklid hides a monster of an engine in the form of a 2.7L flat-6 making 210 hp that was borrowed from the famous 2.7 Carrera RS model. The Targa body style made perfect sense so the backup officer could signal vehicles from the top of the vehicle with relative ease.

Honda’s North American headquarters in Torrance, CA is a pretty cool place full of significant Honda vehicles sold or raced in the US through the decades, all kept in pristine condition. Unfortunately for most of us here in the Midwest, the odds of checking out Honda North America’s museum are pretty slim but luckily, you can still get an in-depth look at the museum thanks for Hoonigan’s resident Honda nerd who gives us an inside look at all the cool cars that Honda has sold here in the US over the past 40+ years.