One of my favorite lines from any movie is when Doc Brown at the end of “Back to the Future” says “Roads? Where we’re going, we don’t need roads.” before his DeLorean lifts off the ground, tucks its wheels, and takes off into the sky. The thought of flying cars always seemed like a fantasy and it technically still is, but this hovercraft DeLorean is about as close as you can get. Although it didn’t start its life as a hovercraft and it can’t be driven on the road, it’s a pretty faithful replica that can drive over just about anything else from sand to sea. Best yet, it’s for sale on eBay Motors right now if you want your very own hovering DeLorean!

It’s not often that a car truly takes my breath away but this ’70 Firebird Trans Am sure does. Although the builder, Riley Stair, is better known for his expertise with BMWs, once he found the perfect Trans Am to build something special off of, the project took on a life of its own. With a target of 1,000 hp from a naturally aspirated V8 that revs to over 10,000 RPM, Riley set about running the engine to its outer limits, using straight methanol to feed it and its 16.25:1 compression ratio. Under the long hood, the engine was pushed back 20″ in the chassis to accommodate a spaghetti-like set of long-tube headers while also giving the old Trans Am a much better center of gravity. Inside, it’s all business with everything finished to the highest level of motorsports quality. The beefy cage can no doubt handle whatever Riley can throw at it while maintaining the car’s rigidity and it ties into the rest of the car’s interior perfectly. This car looks like something that wouldn’t exist outside of a video game but I’m so glad that it’s the real deal. To learn more about this insane build, head over to Stanceworks.

Speaking of old race cars from the early ’70s, say hello to Big Oly, the beefy Bronco that dominated the Baja 1000 with Parnelli Jones and Bill Stroppe behind the wheel. Taking what Parnelli had learned from years of circuit racing, he and Bill figured that a welded tube chassis would be lighter and stronger than the body on frame construction that had underpinned their previous Bronco race trucks. The tube frame also allowed them to run more modern suspension with increased travel and really transformed the Bronco into a finely tuned machine that could go over or through anything the guys could throw at it. Perhaps the coolest feature of all is the giant, riveted aluminum wing that doubles as a roof over the Bronco’s cab while offering 40 degrees of adjustability. The finished rig dominated the off-road racing scene for years, crushing the competition in the Baja 1000, Baja 500, and Mint 400. To learn more about this iconic off-road race truck, check out the rest of the story on Silodrome.

It’s unfortunate that Bertone, one of Italy’s premiere coachbuilders, went bankrupt in 2014. The design house famous for the Lamborghini Miura and Countach, as well as the Lancia Stratos, Fiat X1/9, and the Alfa Romeo Montreal is now unfortunately out of cash and is selling off some of the cool and random styling exercises and other designs they had hanging around their old studio. Notable items that are going up for auction include a full-size model of the Corvette ZR1-based Bertone Mantide, as well as an assortment of beautifully designed wheels, styling exercises, drawing boards, and other memorabilia. To learn more about everything that is going up for auction and how to get your own piece of Bertone history, head over to Classic Driver.