The early 1970’s were a great era for the early days of the SUV. Before people were worried about fuel economy or safety standards, there was a trio of big, burly 2-door SUVs that ruled the world: the Ford Bronco, the Chevy Blazer, and the International Scout II. While 2-door SUVs were quite popular from the 1970’s until the 1990’s, consumer’s desires more space and utility, relegating these fun, stylish trucks to the shadows. Now though, there is a resurgence of people who want 30-year-old oddball trucks and suddenly the hot rodders and customizers like Icon and The Ring Brothers are picking up old Blazers and rebuilding them to be far superior to their original forms. This 1971 example, built by the highly skilled Ring Brothers in neighboring Wisconsin, features a Chevy LS3 V8 crate engine with 430-hp on tap and absolutely gorgeous finishing throughout, making it half sculpture, half adventure vehicle. To learn more, head over to Silodrome.

This is what it looks like if you’re an eccentric rich guy with an affinity for Porsches and you want to build a collection that rivals most auto museums while also keeping things as clean and stark looking as possible. The White Porsche Collection is exactly what it sounds like: a huge collection of 70+ Porsches spanning the automaker’s entire 70-year history made up of the finest examples of each model line, all in white. The collection has grown so vast that the owner (who likes to fly under the radar) had to hire someone to manage the collection for him. I don’t know about you, but that sounds like a pretty great job to me!

I don’t know about you, but I think more cars should be able to get airborne. We’ve seen Baja Bugs, Safari 911s, and all sorts of sportscar based rally cars over the years but this is a new one to me and I absolutely love it. As a tribute to the Jaguar XK120 development car that surely spent some of its life racing, the company took two 2.0-liter 4-cylinder F-Types and fitted them with FIA-compliant cages, better brakes, custom-tuned limited slip differentials, and rally-spec suspension and tires and turned them into what you see above. Personally, I’d prefer to rally-ify an SVR Coupe version of the F-Type but this looks like plenty of fun too for those that like the wind in their hair and dirt in their teeth. To learn more, head over to Road & Track.

More often than not in racing, when a car gets retired from the race track, it usually goes straight to the scrapyard if it wasn’t wrecked on track first. For the lucky few race cars that are retired in one piece, they’re usually forgotten about and wind up either sitting in some dark corner of a garage or shop collecting dust or they get sold to enthusiastic drivers who just want to turn some laps on the occasional track day for a few more years before the car gets wrecked or scrapped. The backmarkers, usually built by a couple of shade tree mechanics or some niche cottage manufacturer, are usually the ones that disappear into obscurity first, as was the case with the Harrison Special. Originally built by a small team of engineers and designers whose only bond was the love of racing, what started off as a Lotus 19 chassis found itself powered by a Ford V8 that stolen out from under the nose of Caroll Shelby, with sleek, aluminum bodywork stretched over the vehicle. After racing for a few years, the car was retired, and shortly thereafter, forgotten about. What happened next was an intriguing tale of how the car was found in pieces, and how its current owner hopes to one day resurrect the Harrison Special to its former glory. If you’re looking for a good read, check out the rest of the story over on Jalopnik.

I know this was one of Adam’s favorite cars from SEMA and it’s easy to see why. This 4-rotor FD RX-7 is an absolute beast, with a conservative dyno run putting down roughly 1,000 hp and 650 lb-ft of torque. The owner already has plans to tune it further, saying there’s room for more boost and estimates 1400 hp isn’t out of the realm of possibilities. Oh, and it shoots MASSIVE fireballs! To see more of this savage RX-7 that captured hearts and minds at SEMA this year, check out the feature on Speedhunters.