Lap Around the Web – May 14th, 2018

I’ll admit that I’m still very much a motorcycle noob, but ever since seeing a few of Adam’s bikes over the past few summers, I’ve gained a huge appreciation for them, especially Cafe Racers. What makes this particular bike really cool is that it was commissioned by Norton Motorcycles and unlike a lot of the cheap, parts-bin specials out there, it uses only the finest materials. Everything on this Norton Dominator built by Goblin Works Garage is real stainless steel, aluminum, carbon fiber, or leather, and the effect is amazing. This Goblin Works Garage Norton Dominator is every bit as intricate as it is sinister; as classic as it is alien. Every surface begs you to take a closer look. To learn more about everything Goblin Works Garage did to this awesome Cafe Racer, head on over to Silodrome.

Now that Spring has sprung, it’s time to get those cars out and set those ponies free. And that’s just what Internet Troll Sensation Cleetus McFarland does with his stripped-down, 1300-hp C5 Corvette Kart. It turns out that if you buy a wrecked Corvette and triple the horsepower, the rear tires aren’t always ready to handle the extra power, in this case with spectacular results. Cleetus goes on to prove that the Chevy LS really is “America’s Engine” and when you cram it full of air courtesy of some twin turbskis, you’ll be able to hear those eagles sing. In addition to being a monster of a car in the burnout box, this Corvette Kart also proved to be a worthy drag-strip slayer, putting down a couple of 8-second passes at 170 mph. Not bad for what started as a $5,000 rear-ended wreck!

Over this past weekend, the streets of Monaco were overcome by the sound of high-strung Formula 1 engines. The Grand Prix de Monaco Historique took over the small principality with all the vintage Formula 1 sound that we all miss in today’s cars. In my humble opinion, this race is the one to see if you’re planning a trip to Monaco, even over its modern equivalent, but maybe I’m just a sucker for vintage race cars. To see more action from the race, check out this great highlight reel from the race or head on over to Petrolicious to check out a great series of photos from the race.

While we’re on the topic of vintage race cars, this drop-dead gorgeous BMW M1 Procar was converted to a street car by the mad geniuses at Canepa Motorsports. Let that sink in for a moment – a car that was built specifically to compete against some of the fastest cars in the world in the intense Group 4 and Group 5 classes can now be used on the road. Of course, when the car was discovered in a Texas barn by Canepa, it was missing a number of its identifying traits linking it to one of the 40 M1 Procars built by BMW in period. That’s because this is one of the 4 spare cars that BMW Motorsports built and when it never got any use as a racecar, it was sent back to BMW to be converted back into a road car and sold at a dealership. After making the rounds for a few decades, the car disappeared from the limelight, and it was only during Canepa’s restoration that the car’s true history was unearthed. At that point, the project pivoted from being a clean M1 to making it the only street-legal M1 Procar in existence. To read more of this fascinating story, head on over to Petrolicious.

If you’ve got about 2 hours to kill and you like fascinating, automotive-related podcasts, Matt Farah’s “The Smoking Tire” podcast should be on your shortlist of things to listen to. Last week, he sat down with one of the preeminent Porsche restorers and hot rodders, Rod Emory. Rod and his cohorts hand-form aluminum panels and put their engineering prowess to work, building some of the most gorgeous Porsche 356 Outlaws and restoring all sorts of historic Porsche race cars. This man has a magic touch and it’s great to hear just a handful of his stories about his work and background.

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