Part of the reason I’ve always loved station wagons is for their practicality and because they make the best sleepers. Nobody really expects a family station wagon to be that fast, so that’s why cars like the Mercedes-AMG E63 wagon and Cadillac CTS-V wagon always get a ton of respect from me. They take something really useful and stately and then stick a bonkers engine in it so you can have your cake and eat it too. A fast wagon is rare enough, but one powered by a V12 is unheard of… Until now. Check out this 1993 BMW 525i Touring for sale on Craigslist in East Hampton, CT. According to the seller, this 525i Touring is actually a BMW 850CI underneath, including the 5.4L V12, 6-speed manual transmission, suspension, and brakes. The V12 produces roughly 326 hp which is quite a healthy bump over the 189 hp that came in the stock 525i. I approve.

As awesome as modern rally racing can be, vintage rallies will always be cooler in my book. The cars were usually significantly slower but they also had a lot less grip and had to really be driven skillfully to be competitive. Mix into that the historic Isle of Man TT circuit and you’ve got one heck of a vintage tarmac rally. With a mix of cool, vintage rally cars including Alfa Romeos, Porsches, Mini Coopers, and many more, combined with weather that would be considered challenging at best, the 400-mile Three Legs of Mann rally was one for the record books. Head over to Petrolicious to read more about the amazing 2-day rally.

When you were a kid, maybe you dreamed of going to space camp some day. When you’re 5-time F1 world champion, visiting NASA’s research lab in Houston, TX is about the only thing more exciting than being behind the wheel of a race car. In this great video from Apex.One, Hamilton gets to explore all of the command centers, cool projects, and unique simulators that NASA uses to train astronauts. The only question is if it’s more fun to be an racecar driver or an astronaut.


I love seeing customized cars that are modified so cleanly that they should’ve left the factory that way. In the case of this gorgeous and rare (one of only about 3,000 built) 1956 Lincoln Continental Mark II, this is hitting pretty close to perfection. From an exterior standpoint, it looks just about 100% stock, but underneath the skin hides a world of changes. Modifications include 4-wheel independent suspension, along with modern Wilwood disc brakes and a rack and pinion steering rack. Inside, nearly everything has been touched or replaced with modern equivalents, including the comfy bucket seats and a more modern center console, all of which is wrapped in beautiful red leather. The real news is under that long hood, where a custom-built Robert Pond Motorsports 483 CID, all-aluminum V8 now resides, pumping out 642 hp. That’s more than double the factory rating of the factory 383-CID V8 that came with the vehicle and plenty to get this 5000-lb coupe to scoot. To read more about this ’56 Continental Mark II, head over to Silodrome.

I don’t have much to say about the Lamborghini LM002 other than I love it. I don’t even know that I’d want to own one or drive one if I had the opportunity but I just love that it’s a thing that exists. I mean, what’s not to like about a nearly 6000-lb SUV designed for the battlefield that features a 450-hp, 5.2L V12 borrowed from the Countach. Despite its massive visual bulk, it’s actually about a foot shorter than your average midsize luxury crossover, although due to its height, width, and monumental heft, it feels much bulkier on the road. Discover more about what the Lamborghini LM002 is like to drive in the video below.