The world needs more cars like this Amilcar. It’s a mix of parts from different sources and different eras, but the headlining feature is the 12-liter V8 built by Hispano-Suiza that was borrowed from a World War I era fighter plane. Although 300-hp might not sound like much by today’s standards, this car was a monster in the 1930s when it was raced. Now, it mostly gets brought out for events like the Goodwood Members’ Meetings, such as the one that just happened this past weekend. The simple 2-speed gearbox doesn’t allow for much top speed, but maybe that’s not such a bad thing since the drum brakes don’t do their job as well as they could. As you might imagine though, the car sure sounds every bit as wicked as it looks.

The Amilcar above was just one of many vintage racecars brought out of storage for the Goodwood 76th Members’ Meeting this past weekend and there was some seriously good racing to be had! Just like here in Minnesota, the weather in England this time of year can be unpredictable at best, making some of the races significantly more challenging as light rain turned to snow for this weekend’s festival of vintage racing. But before the snow fell, there was some epic racing in the 1960’s GT class race that including some of the most gorgeous racecars ever built from Jaguar, Ferrari, Aston Martin, Carroll Shelby, and more. Watching these priceless cars slide through corners and rub fenders around the short Goodwood circuit is something not to be missed!

Jay Leno has an incredible and eclectic collection of cars. Although he mostly features new cars that aren’t his on his show, Jay dusted off one of his favorite cars from his personal collection recently for a new episode. The Light Car Co. Rocket, designed and built by Gordon Murray (the father of the McLaren F1) and Chris Craft looks like one of the most fun vehicles money can buy. With its insane sub-800-lb curb weight, this 1000cc motorcycle engined machine lives up to its name as a rocket. Jay readily points out that you don’t need more than 143 hp when you have a car this small and light, and that the sensation of speed is amplified dramatically. It’s a shame Gordon Murray only built about 50 Rockets because it looks like a blast to drive!

Speaking of tiny, lightweight cars, how about this Subaru 360 van? Although it looks like a 2/3rds scale VW Bus, this relatively unknown van probably wouldn’t work too well for someone looking to live the #vanlife. There’s just something about it though – a special charm, maybe – that is almost impossible to resist.

This video from Hagerty is a few years old now, but the three hosts take on a challenge I’ve always wanted to try: spend $5,000 on a car and see who can flip it for the most profit. It’s pretty fun watching these guys make the road trip from Nashville, TN up to Auburn, IN while stopping in every bigger city along the way to search for their perfect car to buy, drive, and sell. It also highlights the amount of cool, or at least interesting, affordable cars that are out there if you’re willing to put in a little work looking for them.