“Vintage Racing” and “Nürburgring” are three words that always make auto enthusiasts perk up a little bit. There’s just something about those old race cars that get people psyched up, especially when racing at a track with as much heritage as theNürburgring. Heck, even the pre-war Bugattis and such that attended the Nürburgring Classic this year could’ve raced there back when they were new. And that’s perhaps what makes this event so interesting; it brings together some of the finest vintage race cars in all of Europe to one of the best race tracks in the world where people can get up close and personal with these icons of speed. Things like old DTM cars, Can-Am McLarens, Porsche 917s and 935s, old Bugattis, and more, the Nürburgring Classic had it all. And to see more from the event and see what it’s like to be there in person, head on over to Speedhunters.

What do you do when you find a one of a kind, hand-built race car in a field? You track down the guy who built it and then restore it to its former glory! That’s exactly what Didier Van der Linden did with this completely unique Vixen GT. While searching for the perfect vintage race car, he stumbled across the shell of this car with little idea of what it was. Not even the seller had any idea. After falling in love with the look of the car, Didier purchased it and spent months trying to figure out what it was and how to restore it. Eventually, he tracked down the man who had built the car some 60 years earlier and the Vixen GT’s restoration got underway. Now, the car gets driven not only on track days but also on twisty back roads in its new home in Belgium.

It’s easy to forget that vehicles like the Ford Bronco were originally intended to be used off-road. That’s why it’s so common to find them these days with cut fenders and big, knobby tires, although they’re always missing the most important accessory: dirt. It’s so rare to see an old Bronco out on a muddy, rutted trail or powering through sand dunes anymore but luckily, off-road racers like Boyd Jaynes takes his highly modified ’68 Bronco on Mexican races all the time with his team, Caballo del Diablo. These guys put the hammer down and look good doing it in their old Bronco that is equal parts charming and badass. Check out the video and then head over to Jalopnik for more info on Boyd and his team.

Rally season has returned and Subaru Rally Team is back at it with a full schedule of stage rallies this year. Although Travis Pastrana is sitting this season out due to scheduling conflicts, former WRC driver Chris Atkinson steps in to fill his shoes as the team heads to Oregon for the Oregon Trail Rally. We also see updates from Vermont Sportscar, the team tasked with building all of Subaru Rally Team’s cars, as they begin transitioning into a brand new, much larger facility.