Summer is pretty much here now and the trails are calling. It’s time to get off-road and find some sketchy adventures with friends. As if having a new off-roader didn’t make that need for adventure burn strong enough, reading about the exploits of Mike Burroughs of Stanceworks and his FJ60 through the deserts and mountains of Utah sure makes me want to load up my new-to-me FJ Cruiser and hit the road. In the final chapter of Mike’s three-part story, he and his buddies overcome broken parts and tricky trails to cap off their big 2018 off-road trip.

Not everybody wants to buy an old truck or SUV to go off-roading. Some people just want to shred it in what they’ve got handy, in this case, a Ford LTD sedan. Now, this isn’t just any old LTD… This one has a 600+ hp LS2 wedged between the front wheels and a whole heap of suspension travel for doing… things. In this case, it comes in handy for catching some pretty serious air in the Hoonigan Donut Garage parking lot where they set up some ramps. While I don’t recommend or condone jumping big, heavy cars in parking lots at work, I’ll give these guys a pass because it just looks like so much fun.

Who doesn’t love a good barn find story? Especially one involving a rare, beautiful Porsche and a French accent. Petrolicious shares the story of Pierre de Meerler and his son Nicholas and the ’59 Porsche 356 Type 2 they found tucked away in a tractor barn. After 7 years of restoration work, the father/son duo has a gorgeous Auratium Green 356 to drive and enjoy, which they do regularly. For some awesome photos to accompany the video, head on over to the Petrolicious website.

The fastest, gnarliest sport bike race on the planet, the Isle of Man TT, has been run for the past 111 years. And every year, swarms of brave gladiators on bikes race flat-out on the same 37.7-mile ribbon of tarmac, the fastest riders averaging over 130 MPH over that distance. Riders catch air over the course’s many crests at 150+ MPH and speed by stone walls, trees, and houses, banging the rev limiter at over 180 MPH. These riders are staring death in the face and enjoying every second of it. If you have any interest in what goes through a rider’s head during the Isle of Man TT, head on over to Petrolicious for a great breakdown of this insane event.

There’s been a lot of talk recently about a particular Ferrari 250 GTO that recently sold for somewhere around $70M, there’s an even rarer Ferrari race car from the same period that never quite gets as much love: the 250 LM. Compared to the hallowed GTO, the LM is significantly smaller, lighter, more nimble, and its mid-mounted V12 has a wail like you wouldn’t believe. And because it was designed to race at Le Mans, it was so much lighter than the GTO as well, with nothing but bare aluminum, scant bits of leather or cloth for padding, and every last gram was cut, drilled, or shaved out of the car. For more on what makes the 250 LM the Ferrari to have, head on over to Classic Driver.