F1 is in a decline. To some it may seem fine but to many, it is constantly tumbling downhill. Hamilton and Mercedes dominance is turning the sport into a monopoly that is boring and near unbearable to watch in full. The Canadian Grand Prix has not helped with this. After Vettel lost minor control and went into the grass, he re-entered the track, in the best manor that he could, half pushing Hamilton almost into the wall. After a few minutes, the incident was put under review and Vettel was given a 5 second penalty, causing him to lose the race and give Hamilton the win. Check out the incident here.


Toyota has been rather sneaky these past few months. As the all new Supra starts to hit dealers soon, some people have been lucky enough to get theirs a little earlier than others. With the acclaimed 335hp and 365 lb-ft of torque, what is their not to love? Well apparently there is even more to love as Toyota has been rather relax with those power figures. After customers and journalists have put the Supra on a dyno, they have found that the car produces more power than Toyota has been claiming. The team found the Supra to be producing 332hp and 387lb-ft of torque to the wheels, not the crank like Toyota’s numbers have been claiming. Read the full story here.

Tuner Evo is a car show in short. But it generally is one that displays some really cool Japanese and Euro cars from some very reputable shops and owners. In a day where nothing matters about your car but how many Instagram likes it gets, its good to see all of these cars and owners come together to share their passion with other enthusiasts. The fine people over at SpeedHunters have posted an Event Coverage article on Tuner Evo Portland, and the photos are absolutely gorgeous.

Although its been in the works for quite some time, the new ‘Lancia’ Stratos is quite a beautiful car. As the car sits, its life starts as an F430 Scuderia. The chassis is then cut in half, re-attached and an all new body is then put on. The best part is that you can get one with a 6-speed manual which would make for some good fun. There is largely only one drawback to this car; The price. The cars base price will be $617,000 plus the cost of an F430 Scuderia. Only 25 examples will be built. Read the full review here.