Everyone likes fast cars and everyone likes hill climbs. So what does one get when those two things are combined? Pikes Peak! At least, that is what a simpleton would say. A more classy and sophisticated lad would give you the answer of the Goodwood Festival of Speed. This past weekend, nearly every dream car imaginable was relentlessly thrashed up the hill at Goodwood leaving us with some amazing YouTube content. The goal of Goodwood is to set a fast hill climb time which most of the cars do but in the end, its more for the spectators amazement than it is for R&D for the companies. The big news of this years Goodwood was the Volkswagen I.D. R and its blisteringly fast time up the hill. Volkswagen managed to defeat a 20 year old record that was set in a Formula 1 car back in the late 90’s. Check out some of the highlights below.

De Tomaso is back apparently. With a big weekend of much going on in the motoring world, their reveal of their new car was rather subtle. But in the end, it should have been the highlight of the weekend because the new car is gorgeous. The car is named the P72 and is an homage to 1960’s Le Mans style prototype cars. Only 72 will be built and luckily for most motor heads, it comes with three pedals and a stick.  The car shares a lot of its roots with the wickedly intense Apollo IE. The same designer for the IE helped design the new De Tomaso and the car shares the same chassis with the IE. Estimated price will be around $845,000 base so we all better start saving.

On the topic of Car debuts, Mad Mike Whiddett, the crazy New Zealander who loves to drift and build insane cars, has just unveiled his new drift car. Instead of going the classic JDM route, he has decided to build a freaking wide body Lamborghini Huracan. Mad Mike opted for the rear wheel drive Huracan which makes sense as it is a drift car. The other ingredient to make a stellar drift car is power. Although the Huracan is not bby any means lacking power, Mad Mike decided it could use more. The car has been left naturally aspirated but has acquired Nitrous and pushes out 800hp. This thing is rad.

Modifying classic Porsche’s is nothing new but it is a topic of much debate. With the prices of old aircooled Porsche’s hitting insane numbers, is it worth it for one to continuing modding their classic Porsche? According to this small Japanese shop, yes. And before you say anything, this is not another common RWB post. The car is called a Sunburst and is a Porsche 964 Turbo with a mad wide body and many other goodies. The car is not just meant for sitting at car shows, it is meant for driving. Another cool aspect is the strong contrast between the dark green paint and the bright red interior. These cars are coming from a small outfit in Japan and tend to only ship throughout Europe and Asia. Turns out this car is only the 3rd sunburst to ever be imported into the states making it a rather rare find.