In case you didn’t already know, the Morrie’s Heritage ’71 Corvette is a blast to drive. With a little help from a more modern LS1 V8, it’s got plenty of reliable power and its big sticky tires and wide footprint help it handle like it’s on rails. But in the land of excess, sometimes an LS-swap and sticky tires just aren’t quite enough, which is why Garrett Randall decided to take his C3 ‘Vette to the next level. That means more power with a built LS6 putting down 520+ hp and more grip courtesy of custom JRI coilovers all-around, combined with some super sticky 305 and 315 section width rubber tucked under some custom-molded fender flares. To learn more about what makes this green machine so cool, take a gander at the full Speedhunters’ article.

One of the trickiest things when going on search and rescue missions is to not get stuck on the way there, thus finding yourself in need of rescue as well. The ability to go just about anywhere in any conditions is just one of the reasons why Branden Powell fell in love with his Pinzgauer that he uses as a volunteer search and rescue vehicle in Washington. Pinzgauers were built specifically for the Austrian military as do-anything, go-anywhere vehicles and the few that have made their way over to the US tend to enjoy similarly exciting lives as adventure vehicles. They’re not fast but they use what little power they have to climb over or through just about anything you put in front of it, and with tons of ground clearance and loads of space inside, they make great transport vehicles for everything from ATVs and dirt bikes to people who get lost or stranded in the woods.

I don’t normally get excited about esoteric, water-cooled VWs, but this Mk1 Polo looks the business. From that glowing goldenrod yellow paint to the tasteful vintage rally touches to the perfect stance and nicely trimmed interior, this car hits a lot of bases for me. This little ’78 Polo is all about style, especially when you consider the original, and bone-stock, 900-cc engine is still in place, but that doesn’t mean it’s not still fun to drive. For more on this plucky Polo, check out the full write-up on Stanceworks.

If you like motorsports and documentaries, or especially if you like documentaries about motorsports, this short film about the Isle of Man TT by the esteemed Studio Kippenberger is well worth the watch. Not only are the visuals jaw-dropping, but it’s a beautiful look inside the minds of riders who mount their motorcycles and tackle the deadly street circuit year after year, in search of a new record pace. These riders are truly cut from another cloth – if the cloth in question is made out of kevlar or leather or some other ridiculously durable material – and the way they talk about this race and its perils so casually is simply mind-boggling.

I love crusty old wagons, especially Swedish ones that have modern drivetrains and get driven a lot. Case in point, check out this awesome ’66 Volvo 122S that now sports a 5-cylinder from a much newer 1995 Volvo 850. This was a car that was saved from the scrapyard for a measly $300 and then the new owner lovingly brought it back to life and built it to his own vision, including a trick individual throttle body setup for the 5-cylinder as well as a fresh air-ride suspension setup so it can look that good and go down the road comfortably. There are literally a million other changes that went into this awesome little car and you should go check them out as part of the whole story on Jalopnik.