Lap Around the Web – July 2nd, 2018

There’s nothing like the bark of a Porsche flat-6 in the morning. Add to that the faint ticking of stones hitting the insides of widened wheel arches as fat, sticky tires do what they were designed to do, and you’ve got a recipe for an unforgettable drive in a vintage 911 RSR tribute. Because the real deal is so rare and valuable, it’s no wonder drivers seek out these beautiful recreations, especially when they house more modern drivetrains like this example here. Built back in 2011 by Paul Stephen’s capable team at RS-Teknic, this car was based on an ’85 911 and backdated to the racing look you see here. And if that doesn’t look like a good time, I’m not sure what to tell you. Read more about how this gorgeous 911 RSR tribute came to be over on Petrolicious.

Say you’ve bought yourself a badass Mercedes G550 4×4^2 only to find out that it won’t fit in your garage because it’s just too tall. It’d be a shame to leave it parked outside all the time and watch as mother nature takes her toll so instead, professional skier and all-around car-crazy gentleman Jon Olsson took it upon himself to solve this difficult problem. Since he spends most of his time in yacht-friendly cities like Monaco and Marbella, he decided to try and blend in by taking an open-air, nautical approach to modifying his 4×4^2 in order to make it fit in his garage and he chopped the top off! Obviously, there are a few other modifications such as an Akropovic exhaust and a built engine making about 780 hp, but now he’s got the ultimate land yacht to match all the sea yachts he sees around town.

As you probably know, Jay Leno has a HUGE collection of cars. In addition to driving his and his friend’s cars for his web show, he also takes viewers behind the scenes into what his capable shop is up to with the multitude of restorations they’ve got going on at any given time. This particular video is great because it not only features a look at some incredibly rare and quirky cars that are in various arrays of disassembly but it also shows my all-time favorite car, the McLaren F1 all torn apart. As a bonus, you get to hear the F1’s 6.1-liter V12 fire up and rev without any mufflers installed!

The big news in the past week or so was Porsche breaking the all-time Nurburgring Nordschleife lap time with their 919 Evo prototype racer. Coincidentally, Porsche had held the previous lap record for 35 years using a Rothman’s liveried 956 as their weapon of choice and setting a 6 min, 11 sec lap time. The 919 Evo, however, blitzed that record by a whopping 51 seconds, with a 5 min, 19 sec lap time. It’s almost hard to believe that the new 919 Evo, which took Porsche’s WEC championship-winning race car and threw out the rulebook, could be so freaking fast, but as the video above shows, this car is an absolute monster and this surely isn’t the last track record that will topple under this car, just like it outpaced Lewis Hamilton’s Mercedes F1 car to steal the lap record at Spa a couple months ago.

Of course, that’s not the only lap record that was crushed this month. Both Volkswagen and Bentley set record paces up Pikes Peak during the Pikes Peak International Hillclimb, with Volkswagen’s all-electric I.D. R race car beating Sebastien Loeb’s 8:13.878 record 5 years later and Bentley sending Rhys Millen up in a stock W12 Bentley Bentayga to claim the production SUV record with a 10:49.902 lap. It’s amazing watching such a heavy, albeit powerful car as the Bentayga claw its way up the hill but Rhys makes it look easy.

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