Mercedes has yet anoth-… wait a minute… Mercedes only scored two whole points in Germany? What is this nonsense! They had their cars painted all pretty to celebrate motorsport and both Lewis and Bottas had their worst races of the season? Germany proved to be a very tough track not just for Mercedes but for all other teams. Ferrari had its difficulties but also had its wins as Vettel came back from 20th position to finish in 2nd while Leclerc started strong and ultimately did not finish. The strange bits of rain truly left for some insane driving and some insane maneuvers from drivers. Some of these maneuvers worked while others did not. A big win of the race was Red Bull Torro Rosso securing a podium finish with Kyvat, their first in over 3,900 days. There is so much that went on in this race, I cannot fit it all into one singular paragraph so attached is a video highlighting all of the madness that went down in Germany.

What is the worst mod you have ever done to your car? For me, I was 16 and just got my first car, a 1999 Saab 9-3 to be exact. It was turbo’d and I wanted to hear fun swooshing and air noises, so I ordered a knock off HKS blow off valve from China and slapped on a very bad open air intake that sucked in purely hot air from the engine. A month a half later, the piece arrives and I throw it on. It was obnoxious and people thought my car was broken but it was fun. For this man, his worst mod would have to be a Gatorade bottle over his taillight. Colorado police stopped a man last week sometime and notice that his taillight was busted. But instead of buying a new taillight, he took a red Gatorade and duct taped it to the back of his car. Ingenious? Yes. Permanent solution? As long as it stays full, I don’t see why not.

If you are a common simpleton Porsche enthusiast, then you most likely have an interest in Singers. They are just so cool and they look cool and the interior is cool… You get the point. But some people don’t like Singers. Some people who don’t like to follow the norms of society (or in this case, the norms of liking Porsche’s) want something other than a Singer. Well, there is luckily now an option for them. The Ateliers Diva is one mad car. The company has rebodied the car, giving it a full carbon fiber body and cranking up the horsepower to a whopping 400. That’s a lot for a small car. It will cost roughly $550k and only 25 will be made. So for the more affluent Porsche folk, this should be right up your alley.

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Well this is pretty neat. Aston Martin has a branch in its brand called Lagonda where instead of making awesome GT cars, they focus more on the luxury aspect of the GT cars and occasionally make something cool. Aston Martin is looking to revive Lagonda and recently an old Lagonda has resurfaced. The catch, its a wickedly awesome Shooting Brake Estate saloon meant for relaxing drives in the country side. RM Sothebys is offering this amazing car and its expected to fetch somewhere in the $150k-$200k range. But hey, we can all dream.