Well, that was eventful. After a string of horrendously boring Formula 1 races, Austria finally decided to please all of us and deliver some true excitement. The best part; Lewis did not even podium, he ended in 5th, thus stopping his winning streak. Besides this amazing thought of Lewis not winning, the true battle came between Vertsappen and Leclerc in some of the last laps of the race.Verstappen made a strong cut and took an aggressive inside line cutting Leclerc off and in a sense, pushing him off of the track. Instantly, Verstappen’s move was put under review but no fault was found. Verstappen took first with Leclerc in second and Bottas in third. Read about the full race here.

Apparently Dodge is in some kind of mood. First, the mad folks at Dodge decided to give everything 707hp, then they went to 800hp, then a 1000hp crate engine, and finally, they decided to wide body their cars. The all new Dodge Charger Hellcat Wide body really has a mean stance on it. The extended fender flares are aggressive yet flow extremely well with the body. These extended flares let Dodge give the Charger more rubber which has multiple benefits but in the end, it gives the car that extra touch. Following in the widebody Challengers footsteps, the new Charger should be a phenomenal car.

Bentley has achieved a rather odd and unexpected feat. This past weekend, Bentley sent a Continental GT up Pikes Peak and ended up breaking the production car record at the hill climb event. Generally when we think of Bentley, thoughts of classy parties and cruising around to try and show off come to mind, not a record at a hill climb in Colorado. Bentley’s past is built from racing and it is completely awesome that they are able to still achieve these small wins especially considering the fact that their cars are now very plush and cozy. In 2018, Bentley also set the production SUV record on Pikes Peak with their Bentayga model. Who knows what the future holds for Bentley.

Ken Block is an awesome guy. If you do not know who he is, you really should. He has created some of the most viral drifting videos ever made and has a wicked collection of cars. Included in that collection is a custom 800hp Ford RS200. Recently, Ken and his team at Hoonigan released a video of him taking out this Group B Rally monster to meet up with Travis Pastrana. The video is crazy and the sounds the car make are even crazier. As expected, Ken lets the car breathe and it makes for one wild ride.