Yet another Grand Prix and still the same old bland racing style that is now associated with Formula 1. This past weekend, the teams ascended upon Silverstone in the UK and Mercedes decided that they would keep dominating as they do. Bottas took pole position at the start of the race with Lewis starting off in 2nd. Hamilton eventually won the race but a rather interesting crash happened before the end. A strong match between Vettel and Verstappen ensued and Vettel ended up rear ending Verstappen. Vettel ended way outside the points region and was also given a 10 second time penalty for the collision. After a Mercedes one and two finish, Charles Lecler came in third. Read about the full race highlights here.

The public has finally gotten their first glimpse at the all new Aston Martin Valkyrie. Before the British Grand Prix kicked off, Aston Martin decided to get some track time with their all new hyper car, the Valkyrie. Built in collaboration with Red Bull Racing, only 150 Valkyries will be built each with a ridiculous 1,160hp from a hybrid engine. As of now, the general public has not seen the Valkyrie in a moving state, only in a static state. By bringing out the Valkyrie to Silverstone, Aston Martin is finally getting a taste of what their insane hypercar can really do.

Manny Koshbin, a self made millionaire and rather eccentric car collector, has released a video that shows nearly every detail of his one off Pagani Huyara. Although every Pagani is a one off, Koshbin’s Huyara was built hand in hand with Hermes, a very high end leather goods maker. The exterior of the car is a full exposed brown tinted carbon fiber while the interior is nearly all Hermes Leather with a very cool custom engraved ‘shift’ knob. While exploring the car, it becomes quite apparent that Koshbin never drives the car. As he is opening up different compartments on the car, he explains that has never opened many of the compartments and is even surprised to find different things in these compartments. Not exactly how I would be if I owned a Pagani but hey, to each their own.

Being based in Wayzata here in Minnesota, seeing multiple identical looking Porsche 911 Turbo’s is a rather common sight. Becoming desensitized to a car that goes 0-60 nearly as fast as a Bugatti is almost sad to think about but is truly a reality. But next time you see two grey 911 Turbo’s next to each other, you may want to take a closer look at it. Porsches plant manager in Zuffenhausen has come out and said that Porsche only builds two identical Porsche 911’s and 718’s per year. That is rather amazing if you think about it. From the amount of cars that are produced out of that factory, it is very hard to believe that nearly every single car is different from one another especially for 718’s that don’t have quite as many options as the 911 does. Either way, this is a very cool statistic.