It’s unfortunate that winter usually means the end of car season here in Minnesota. The cold temps and slippery roads mean most people tuck their fun cars away for months at a time. In Austria, however, they celebrate the cold weather with a winter motorsports event, simply called the “Ice Race in Zell am See“. Here, loads of beautiful race cars and sports cars don studded tires and take laps around a small race course formed out of the snow and ice. Some of these amazing cars even attach tow straps and pull skiers around the course!

Monster trucks are just cool. They’ve got massive tires, tons of suspension travel, and big engines producing huge amounts of power and sound. That’s the obvious stuff, but there’s so much more going on under the skin to make it all work, and to make it safe while these drivers are out there jumping, sliding, and flipping these beasts. Watch the video above for a great inside look at what makes these trucks able to do the things they do.

The tranquility of the Belgian forests surrounding the Spa Francorchamps circuit was shattered in 1985 when the World Endurance Championship came to town in 1985. With rows of Porsche 956s and 962s, Jaguar XJR-6s, and Lancia LC2s, lining up to fly through the winding forest track, it was an experience that I wish I could go back in time and witness. Since we don’t have a time machine, however, this video, taken from Jacky Ickx’s Rothmans-sponsored 962C will have to suffice.

Never before has a road car had such a close tie to a Formula 1 car. The powers that be at F1 have always touted that innovations made in their series trickle down to road cars but for the first time, Mercedes-AMG is producing a street-legal road car with a drivetrain lifted directly out of Lewis Hamilton’s F1 racecar and positioned behind a pair of leather-lined seats in the brand’s most powerful and performance-oriented vehicles ever. With over 1,000 hp and crazy aerodynamics to keep it planted to the road, the AMG One will be an absolute monster to drive on the track and a head-turner on the road. Check out the video from Top Gear to learn more about this ridiculous hypercar.

If you love old European sports cars and dream of one day finding a semi-affordable example of one of the most desirable cars in a barn somewhere, you’ll have to check out this episode of The Barn Find Hunter. This time, Tom Cotter finds a whole handful of cars, including a Jaguar XKE, Lamborghini Espada, and a DeTomaso Mangusta all tucked away and awaiting someone to restore and drive them.