Photo from Huckberry

With the most romantic day of the year coming up this weekend, we’ve been on the lookout for some unique ways to show that special someone you really care – and Huckberry has what looks to be an amazing meal planned.



We came across this beautiful 240Z at SEMA, and when we found out who owned it we got excited – Sung Kang, who played Han Seoul-Oh from the Fast and the Furious franchise. While most of the actors from the series own neat cars, not all of them are really enthusiasts. Sung worked with OS Silken on the build and they unveiled it at SEMA in 2015 – but it was really intended for the track.



Photo from Mazda Motorsport

Turns out there is more than one Heritage Coordinator out there – and while Josh considers himself pretty lucky to have his collection to manage, he’s more than a little jealous of Randy Miller’s Heritage Collection. Randy’s stable is comprised of Mazdas – from historic race cars all the way up to their more recent race cars, like the Mazda 6 Diesel that was run at 2014’s 25 hours of Thunderhill.


Photo from Lego

We wish our Lego creations turned out this nice…a gentleman from Germany has fused his artistic vision with Legos to stunning effect. He created these 1/15th scale version of the 911 GT3 RS 4.0. that are as true to the car as you can with Legos.


Photo from Autoblog

Seinfeld is cashing out? Well, not really – although he has 16 cars up for auction that are all beautifully restored and in peak mechanical condition. We know this almost Ben’s dream garage and would make just about anyone want to buy all of the lottery tickets available. We will definitely be keeping an eye out to see what the final total comes out to be – and we can certainly imagine the previous owner’s name will be adding to that price tag.