You know what sounds awesome? Ferrari race cars. Particularly, vintage Ferrari race cars with big, carbureted V12s that shoot fireballs and don’t have any sound insulation like the Ferrari 512 BB LM in this video. While one could make a case for just listening to the sounds this beast of a race car makes as it slides its way around a wet Imola circuit, it’s even better to watch the footage from both inside and outside the cockpit as the 512 BB LM chases a wild Porsche 935 K3 around the track.


Lamborghini recently opened up their own internal restoration shop and have been fixing a number of gorgeous vintage cars including Miuras, Espadas, LM002s, Countaches, and Diablos. The program is called Polo Storico, and although I don’t speak Italian, if it’s at all similar to Spanish I’m pretty sure that translates to “Chicken Stories”. I’m sure Lamborghini has a different translation but regardless of what the name of the program is, they’re doing beautiful work, restoring these historically significant supercars and sports cars to their former glory. To learn more about Polo Storico, check out this article on Speedhunters.


With the new Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen recently going on sale in the US, it’s a perfect time to look back at where the model comes from. Until 2019, the G-Wagen line hadn’t seen a major refresh since it debuted in 1979. Sure, the engines have been updated along the way, especially for the US market where a diesel engine was never offered (while an oil burner was standard fare for the rest of the world). Now, after nearly 40 years, we get a new G-Wagen that still looks almost identical to the outgoing model, despite major updates to the electronics, suspension, and drivetrain. To learn more about the history of the iconic Mercedes G-Class, check out the video below or visit Silodrome for a more comprehensive look.


Rod Emory builds some really amazing old Porsches. His 356-based builds are so much more than the sum of their parts, featuring thousands of hours worth of hand formed steel and aluminum and powered by custom-built motors. Each car is highly customized to suit the person who commissioned its build and the sky is often the limit in terms of how far Emory and his team will go to build the perfect car. In this case, they’ve created their first AWD model, using Porsche 964 C4 underpinnings with a gorgeous 356 Coupe body fitted on top. They also created a special titanium roof rack with 3D printed mounting hardware to carry some equally custom titanium bicycles. To learn more about this gorgeous build, head over to Petrolicious to read more.