If you’ve followed the guys at Stanceworks at all, you’ll see they’re not just casual fans of cool cars and wild builds. They actually like to get their hands dirty and build their own unique cars. One of their builds that I’ve been particularly excited about is Mike Burrough’s 1931 Ford Model A pickup. Mike is known for very non-traditional builds, including his rat-rod BMW E28 5-Series racecar known as “Rusty Slammington” but this Model A might take the cake. Half 90-year-old truck and half race car, this thing is built to scoot with a supercharged Ford Coyote V8, trick coilover suspension, and lots of other motorsports goodies, including super lightweight centerlock wheels from an IMSA prototype mounted with Michelin’s race-spec rain tires. All said and done, this truck weighs about the same as a Miata but with well over 600 horsepower. Sounds like my kind of fun! To learn more about Mike’s killer Model A, head on over to Speedhunters.

If you’ve been binge-watching The Hoonigans’ “Gymkhana Files” on Amazon Prime over the past couple of weeks like I have, you’ve probably seen just how much work went into the tenth iteration of Ken Block’s automotive fever dream. For the 10th year of the series, Block and crew pulled out all the stops, incorporating five cars and five locations around the world, and debuting the all-new Hoonitruck. You’d almost think there’s too much going on with so many cars and changes of scenery but the team figures out how to transition from a frozen lake in Sweden to the grimy streets of Detroit onto cobblestone in Mexico and polished concrete in Los Angeles before finally sliding into the dusty streets of rural Texas. The whole while, the tires never stop spinning and the flames never stop spitting. It’s a non-stop, 19-minute joy ride that is absolutely worth the watch.

I will argue to my grave that has never been a better looking large sedan than the E38 generation BMW 7-Series. BMW nailed the proportions in every sense and it perfectly blended high luxury with the company’s philosophy of being the ultimate driving machine. Unfortunately for those enthusiasts who wanted to have their cake and eat it too, the E38 was never available in the US with a manual transmission and even the most precious V12 model only produced a hair over 320 hp. So what do you do if you want the best looking large sedan but you also want to go fast and have fun doing it? You follow in the footsteps of Scott Johnson and swap in the S62 V8 engine and 6-speed manual transmission from the E39 M5 and then supercharge it. But why stop there? Scott went ahead and fitted a custom suspension along with lightweight forged 3-piece wheels, and then trimmed the whole interior in Golden Brown leather from a new F80 M3 to compliment the factory Imola Red paint. It all came together into the gorgeous example you see here.

I’m not a big fan of NASCAR but if they drifted around the track more like Joey Logano and Vaughn Gittin Jr do in this video, I’d definitely watch it more often. Unlike purpose-built drift cars that are meant to get sideways and spin their tires, NASCAR stock cars are obviously best-suited to high-speed stability and turning left. But for a guy who doesn’t usually spin too much, Logano seems to get the hang of drifting pretty quickly. Maybe he’s got a future sliding cars left AND right in the future if this whole NASCAR thing doesn’t work out for him…

The Aston Martin Valkyrie will be one of the fastest and most technologically advanced cars in the world when it goes on sale in the next year or two. Part of what makes the Valkyrie so sophisticated is its engine: a naturally-aspirated V12, developed by Cosworth, that produces 1,000 hp from 6.5 liters and revs to an ear-shattering 11,000 RPM. Of course, 1,000 hp isn’t nearly enough these days so there will be an electric assist motor mated to the gearbox to help tame this wild engine at lower speeds. Perhaps even more impressive than the specs is the sound it produces. Make sure to give the video a watch and listen to this thing wail!

Arguably one of the most desirable supercars ever made, the Ferrari F40 is well deserving of its near-mythical status in the car world. There’s not much more for me to add about the F40 that people don’t already know, so just click the play button and enjoy this superb video about the legendary F40 that Petrolicious put together.