Old VW Beetles are cool and so are overland rigs. So why not combine them into the best of both worlds and make an overland-ready Baja Bug like this one? When Jamie Wiseman bought this ’67 Bug, he was planning to turn it into a cool Baja Bug. After taking it camping in Colorado, he decided to go a little further with the build and began equipping it with overland essentials like a roof basket to hold extra fuel jugs and tires, a shovel, and lights. He beefed up the wheels and tires as well and transformed this old Beetle into a rough and tumble overland-ready Baja Bug that could go anywhere he wanted. It’s surely earned its nickname of “El Burro” and it’s seen some beautiful terrain, far off the beaten path. To learn more about “El Burro”, head over to Expedition Portal.

Most people probably think they’re immune to ads these days. We’re being assaulted with so many different ads, all trying to sell you something different while somehow all looking the same. Even most car commercials or ads look about the same these days. But Petrolicious took a look back over the past 25-50 years and found a slew of truly memorable automotive ads that were as thought-provoking as they were fun. Are there any old car ads or commercials that you remember enjoying? If so, let us know in the comments!

Winter is here and that means that all of our fun cars are hopefully tucked away somewhere safe for the next few months. That doesn’t mean you can’t still have fun with a well-prepared winter beater though! Outside Magazine put together a list of all the things you need to have the ultimate winter vehicle for under $10,000. Seeing their choice of vehicle and realizing they modified their 3rd gen 4Runner almost exactly the same way I did with mine, I can vouch for every suggestion on their list. Not only will you be unstoppable in the worst of conditions but you’ll have a super fun adventure vehicle when the conditions are better!

Although we’re not about to send Project Rudolph to Japan for a full factory-fresh restoration by Mazda, it is pretty amazing that people in Japan have the opportunity to do so with their early NA Miatas. In a process that takes several months and sees the car completely stripped down to bare metal and repainted, along with all of its components scrutinized, refurbished, or replaced, owners will get to feel exactly what it’s like to drive a brand-new 1.6L Miata again. The team at Mazda has received hundreds of applicants since announcing the project and are working their way through the list, picking only the least molested and most original vehicles to start with, and those who have their cars selected as restoration candidates will then have to shell out about $43,000 for the complete restoration. I don’t know about you, but I think I’d rather buy a used Miata from each generation instead…

Harry Metcalf, the founder of Evo Magazine, has cultivated a really interesting Youtube channel for himself since retiring a few years back from the magazine world. Using his incredibly broad knowledge base about all sorts of cars, he’s been doing video reviews of classic and modern cars alike, while also sharing some of his more interesting journeys (like driving a Ferrari Testarossa through the Sahara or taking an old Rolls Royce from England to above the arctic circle in Norway in the middle of winter). Now though, Harry is on a new adventure, following an old route from the Paris-Dakar Rally through the Sahara on a vintage Honda motorcycle. The video above is just part one. If you want to see the rest of the journey, click here.