Italy is well-known for its stunning cities, fabulous food, and rich culture, but for those of us who love cars, it’s known as an automotive mecca, home to some of the most famous sports car brands on earth. Of course, it wouldn’t make sense to build great sports cars if you didn’t have great roads as well, and luckily, Italy is known for having plenty of those too. Add all that together and you end up with a perfect place to host this year’s Vernasca Silver Flag, a vintage road rally type of event that has run through central Italy for the past 23 years, from Vernasca to Castell’Arquato. Now, I have no idea what that route actually looks like on a map, but based on the cars in attendance, it could be a 600 ft jaunt across a Walmart parking lot and I’d still just about consider selling an organ to be there. For more information about this amazing event, check out the full story over on Petrolicious.

The Ferrari 250 GTO is widely considered to be THE most valuable car in the world. With only 33 250 GTOs built between 1962-63, all of which were designed specifically for racing, their rarity and racing success no doubt contribute significantly to their value today. Now, all eyes are on this particular 250 GTO as it heads to auction in Monterey this weekend. It’s widely speculated to be the biggest sale ever at an auto auction and I know I’m not the only one who’s very curious to see just how much money it will bring. This car, owned by former Microsoft software architect Greg Whitten, is featured in a lovely video series from RM Sotheby’s who will be the ones auctioning off the car on Saturday, with an estimated sale price between $45-60M!

Speaking of auctions this weekend, if you’re not already aware, there are some HUGE auctions coming up in Monterey, CA with a wide range of gorgeous vehicles for sale. All the big auction houses, including RM Sotheby’s, Gooding & Company, and Mecum Auctions all have numerous vehicles worth well into the millions so you know it’s going to be an expensive weekend for some very well-heeled collectors. A few of the big highlights so far include the aforementioned Ferrari 250 GTO that will no doubt steal the show this weekend but there will also be some beauties like this 1963 Aston Martin DP215 Grand Touring Competition Prototype, this 1935 Duesenberg SSJ, or this 1958 Porsche 550A Spyder.

Last week, I shared the video of two young dudes taking their Evo and STI-swapped Forester on a long road trip from Tallahassee, FL to Anchorage, AK. The first leg of the journey presented a number of relatively small issues with the cars, ranging from loose driveshafts and non-working A/C, to sketchy windshield wipers and other general wear and tear on the cars as the guys made their way into AZ. Now the journey picks back up as they hit the road after fixing a few things and they continue their journey west before finally heading north through California, Oregon, Washington, and into Canada towards Alaska.