What’s better than going to a carnival? How about going to the carnival of vintage motorsports?! It turns out that that’s exactly what Classic Days is, which takes place every summer on the grounds of a German castle, with all manner of vintage race cars for as far as the eye can see. And what a beautiful scene to showcase just about everything from early 1920’s race cars to the famous Mustang and Challenger that were used in the movie Bullitt. The event brought out tons of noteworthy cars, but also plenty of famous racing drivers who piloted these speed machines in anger when they were new. From the photo gallery on Petrolicious, this looks like a future bucket-list event to attend!

If you’re a child of the ’80s like me, you probably had a rad BMX bike that you would rip around the neighborhood, bunny-hopping off curbs and building crappy ramps out of logs and plywood. So as an adult with a penchant for doing all the things my parents wouldn’t let me do as a child, this Honda CT-90 motorcycle built to resemble a BMX bike. This looks like exactly the kind of death trap someone like me needs. It’ll do 50 MPH and the upper tube of the frame is designed to hold about half a gallon of gas which is good for about 15 miles of range. To learn more, head on over to Silodrome.

If you’re a car person, you probably consider summer to be road trip season. So if you find yourself with three weeks of vacation in the summer and are looking for something to do, why not do what these guys did and make a 10,000+ mile journey to Anchorage, Alaska? Most people would do this kind of trip in a spacious¬†crossover or SUV but these guys from Gears & Gasoline decided to take their own fun cars, an Evo and an STI-swapped Forester, from Virginia down to Tallahassee, FL to start their cross-continental journey up to Alaska. If you feel like getting inspired to take that epic road trip you’ve always wanted to do, you’ve got to watch this video documenting the first part of their trip.

The trusty Toyota Tacoma has played host to a wide range of engine swaps. Most common amongst the usual off-roading and overlanding¬†enthusiasts who covet these reliable trucks are swaps from the underpowered 2.2L I4 to the more powerful 3.0 or 3.4L V6. Sometimes you’ll see a small turbodiesel motor take residence in the engine bay. Usually, it’s something lazy, robust, and torquey instead of what you see here, which is an highly-strung I4 from a Honda S2000. Because why shouldn’t a basic pickup truck rev to 9,000 RPM and shift through one of the slickest 6-speed gearboxes on the planet? To learn more, head over to Road & Track.

Few people even remember the Bugatti EB110 but it was quite the machine when it came out. Built for speed, the quad-turbo, 3.5-liter V12 powering this insane triumph of engineering put out almost 600 hp to all 4 wheels. It’d almost be a shame not to take something so complex to the biggest race in the world to see what it could do, and that’s exactly what Bugatti did, squirreling away two EB110 Supersports models to be modified for racing with lighter wheels, slightly modified aerodynamics, and all of the quilted leather inside replaced with lightweight carbon fiber and Nomex so they could race at Le Mans as well as in the IMSA series here in the US. If you don’t mind some subtitles, the fascinating story of how these two cars came to be is definitely worth a watch here.