Lap Around the Web – Apr. 9th, 2018

Wedge-shaped cars were a hallmark of the late 1970s and into the early ’80s. Like disco music, they’re one of those trends that were everywhere at the time but looking back, it might not have aged very well. Still, there’s something both nostalgic and futuristic about these photos depicting some of the most radical wedged concept cars to ever be built. Head on over to Petrolicious to see 10 of the wedgiest concept cars ever made, including favorites like the Lancia Stratos Zero, the Alfa Romeo Carabo, and the Lamborghini Marzal. Heck, there are even a few non-wedgy cars in the mix that carried the torch for the vintage futuristic photo shoot look that never seems to go out of style.

Jeremy Clarkson isn’t the only one who thinks a rental car is the fastest car you can drive. It turns out that if you are careful about what kind of car you rent, you can find a great track day toy as well. As former Apple employee Dave Black points out, if you still want to go to a track day but don’t have a car, you can always rent one. If you’re planning to join us for one of our track days up at BIR this year, we recommend you rent one of the track’s spec racers, but if that doesn’t appeal to you, maybe one of the rental fleets near MSP has a Mustang or Camaro with a little too much tire tread…*

Speaking of good track cars, there’s a good reason the BMW E46 M3 has become a popular track car. They’re reasonably affordable, have strong aftermarket support, and are brilliant to drive, both on the street and around a race track. After reading this thread on PistonHeads, I can totally understand why it makes such a great track toy. And this Estoril Blue example looks absolutely amazing fitted with a roll cage and lightweight interior, sitting on a really wide wheel/tire setup. To read more about the car and why this generation of M3 has a cult-like status among track enthusiasts click the link above.

This may look vintage but it’s not. The subtle details that give a hint of MGB GT, Volkswagen Fastback, or even a 300SL coupe from some angles, are all tied together beautifully on a fully modern car that uses a fully-electric drivetrain. You’re looking at the MW Motors Luka E, made by a growing Czech automaker. With just 66 hp on tap from its electric motors and just 1,650 lbs to move, the performance is closer in pace to vintage cars than your typical Tesla, but the charming vintage looks more than make up for the subdued performance.

The modern-day Paris-Dakar Rally is as brutal as motorsports events get. Even with modern technology and safety aids, tons of cars break down and there’s a good chance that someone won’t survive to cross the finish line. I can only imagine what the rally was like back in the early days of the event, back when cars had about as much technology as a tin can. If you’ve got about an hour to kill, it’s worth watching the highlights from the 1979 to 1997 seasons.

*We don’t recommend or condone tracking a rental car, especially from our MHCC fleet. Most rental insurance policies expressly prohibit driving their vehicles on a race track. 

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