Hopefully, it’s safe to say that winter is mostly behind us at this point. It’s rare to see any remaining piles of snow on the ground and the ice is out on most of the lakes at this point. In parts of Russia, however, it’s not all that hard to still find snow and ice. That’s why the designer of the Flanker-F race cars you see below, Sergey Kabargin, thought it would be a cool idea to break the tandem drifting speed record on the frozen Lake Baikal. Not only do the cars look awesome but the scenery around Lake Baikal is absolutely gorgeous as well. What better place to drive flat out than on a wide open, frozen lake with two 650+ horsepower cars sliding side by side on the ice? To get all that power down, both cars feature full sets of studded tires, with 480 studs each. This all led to the tandem drift speed record being broken at a recorded 152.8 MPH. To read more about this thrilling record and the cars that made the record possible, head on over to Speedhunters.

The Tyrrell P34 6-wheeler was one of the more fascinating and outlandish F1 cars of its day. Heck, it might even be considered more outlandish by today’s standards! In theory, the design plans called for small 10-inch wheels that could hide behind the front wing of the car so as to not disrupt airflow. But the smaller wheels cut the tire’s contact patch in half so engineers thought that doubling up the number of front wheels would help regain some of that grip. Although many competitors wrote it off as more of a marketing exercise than an engineering choice, the car turned out to be surprisingly competitive in the right conditions. Check out the video below to see a young Jackie Stewart testing the car at speed and head over to Bring a Trailer for some more context on what made the Tyrrell P34 so interesting.


For those that follow vintage racing in Europe, you hopefully tuned into the fantastic racing action this past weekend at the 77th Goodwood Member’s Meeting. With dozens, if not hundreds, of the most desirable vintage race cars of all time racing around the flowing Goodwood Circuit, there’s always some fantastic moves to be seen. I’ve always loved these Members Meetings because they feature classes of cars that would’ve raced each other in period. It’s pretty much the only place you’ll see wheel-t0-wheel action from racecars from the 1920s all the way up to the Le Mans heroes of the 1980s and ’90s. This particular race below features former Formula 1 driver David Coulthard driving the snot out of a 300SL Gullwing while chasing down some Austin Healeys, Aston Martins, Jaguars, and others. There were some fantastic races in the S.F. Edge Trophy race as well with the 118-yr old Fiat “Beast of Turin” making some thunderous laps around the track, and don’t forget to watch the epic 4-way battle for the lead in the Betty Richmond Mini Cooper race as well. For the rest of the incredible racing action, be sure to check out the Goodwood Road & Racing Youtube channel for more awesome racing footage from this past weekend.