Hot on the heels of Ben’s ringing endorsement of the movie “Hitting The Apex” about motorcycle racing, I felt it was only appropriate that I start this week’s Lap with this wild, custom Yamaha GTS 1000, dubbed “Project Rhodium Omega”. While the bike’s architecture may be 25 years old, you could tell me this bike was sent back in time from 2068 and I’d believe you. There’s a really cool mix of super futuristic styling with some old-school touches that I can dig, and that wild light pod on the front makes it look a little like an angry Transformer. If you scroll to the bottom of the article, you’ll see some interesting build photos that show just how much work went into making this bike look the way it does today.

When you spend the majority of your life racing Ferraris on the weekend like Innes Ireland did, why wouldn’t you have a vintage Ferrari race car as your weekend toy as well? Unfortunately, after he passed away in 1993, his prized 250 Testa Rossa recreation was sold. Recently, Innes’ daughter Christianne is being reunited with her dad’s car for a day of cruising around the English countryside. Head on over to Petrolicious to read more about this gorgeous car, the racer who commissioned it, and what it’s like to drive today.

Switching gears a little bit, I wanted to share this video from 1999 where a crew of adventurers became the first to cross Greenland’s ice cap on a coast-to-coast trek. Sure, it’s probably been done since then, but these guys were the first to cross the world’s largest island on four wheels and it was a true challenge, even in those heavily modified Land Cruisers. It’s a pretty amazing feat, even by today’s standards and definitely worth the watch if you’ve got a spare hour or so.

If you’re in the UK, it’s an exciting time to be a Land Rover Defender enthusiast. Although the seminal 4×4 has ceased production until a new model is put into production in the next few years, Jaguar Land Rover’s Works facility is overseeing the refurbishment of clean, low-mile examples of Defenders with the addition of a 5.0-liter V8 engine. Although we’ve had V8 Defenders in the states for 25 years now, the only engines of note that seemed to find their way into the Defender in its home country were dog-slow diesel engines, so for the Brits, having a V8 in their Defender is a glorious thing! JLR Works doesn’t just stop with the engine swap, however. They also beef up the suspension to handle the new drivetrain, wrap the interior with leather, and fit more modern lighting and electronics throughout the vehicle.

It’s a shame Renault never sold its sporty hatchbacks on our shores. For those that disagree with me, just watch the video above and tell me that doesn’t look like fun.