There are some people out there who put studded tires on their cars, bikes, ATV’s, UTV’s, then head to the lakes to go ice racing. There are many associations out there who host these events, so if you’re feeling like a true Minnesotan, we challenge you to head out and check it out. We know we’ve been going through those mid-winter racing blues and this is the best fix you can get.

Some events consist of door-to-door action, and others consist of a more standard time attack challenge style. There’s racing going all day from 8:00 am to usually around 4:30 pm. You can pull up in your car and enjoy from the sides of the track, or you can get out and wander around the pit area. Now that it’s cold enough, and we’ve finally got some good snow on top of the ice, the racing season is in full swing. 

Ice racing has been happening in the frozen midwest for almost as long as vehicles were around. Dating all the way back to 1924 in Sweden, ice racing has been a fueled passion since before World War II! They stuck some spikes in the tires, made a circle track and then went for it. It wasn’t until the 1960s that actual competitions had taken place, but it’s come a long way in the past 50+ years.

So grab a couple of hand warmers, put on your biggest winter coat and head out to the lakes to see some wheel to wheel ice racing action. Here’s a couple of resources to get you started on the path to being an ice racing super fan!

Ice Racing MN

IIRA Ice Racing, Minnesota

Hard Water Ice Racing