I Gave My Mom Her Dream Car

Ya know those moments when you’re at the grocery store with Mom and she comments that she’d love a cute, summery purse like ‘that lady’s’, or when you’re at Cabelas with Dad and he removes something from the cart commenting, “Your mom would say I don’t need another one of these”? Well, I have an ongoing list in my phone of gift ideas for my parents from moments like this, and my mom’s begins with Bright Red Convertible. She likely doesn’t remember the conversation, but over a year ago we were chatting about our dream cars and she’d mentioned these specs. For her birthday last Thursday, I finally got to make her dream come true! Through Morrie’s Heritage Car Connection I was able to surprise her at work for a night on the town in a chili-pepper red Mercedes-Benz SL63 AMG convertible. She walked out of work whooping and hollering with her hands in the air, it was so fun to see how excited she was! Her first requests were that we go visit her best friends and rev outside their houses. We had the giggles so bad as neighbors poked their heads out their front doors. We then headed home to meet up with my dad and brother. The boys rolled their eyes as we strutted up the driveway with newfound confidence. We chatted a bit about where Mom would like to go to dinner and decided on Louis Ristorante & Bar above Cossetta on 7th Street. Riding up in style and handing our hot ride’s keys to the valet was a great start to the evening. We started with the Spiedini di Mozzarella appetizer, which was essentially a fancy grilled-cheese sandwich smothered in a fancy red sauce. For dinner, my mom, dad and I all had their crab salad. The asparagus was cooked perfectly and we were impressed by how fresh the crab was.

My brother ordered the short-rib sliders and finished all three before I could unroll my silverware. For dessert my mom got to have her favorite, crème brulee and my brother tried their chocolate gelato. Both were presented beautifully. On top of all the delicious food, they played one of my mom’s favorite artists, Jimmy Buffet all night! Louis’s atmosphere was so much fun, and driving the SL back home was the perfect way to end the celebration. It was hilarious to hear my mom say to drive faster, I remember her teaching me to drive and freaking out if I went even 1MPH over the speed limit. Our memories of the night are a priceless birthday present; I most definitely recommend gifting a Heritage car rental the next time someone close to you is celebrating a birthday or anniversary!

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