So Santa has a pretty cool sleigh already, but we thought of a few things that might make it a little better. Here at MHCC it seems like we always have a problem with leaving vehicles in stock form, so we thought we’d send a line to the South Pole about some mods. So check out what we thought would make Old St. Nicks sleigh a little better.

Adam: I think Santa needs a full LED light bar (or three) on his sleigh. So the weather I’m sure can be an issue for the big guy, so having super bright LED light bars is the answer. He could mount a couple to the front of the sleigh, a few underneath for landing, and even LED lights to brighten up Rudolph’s nose. What a great way to make sure you can light up the night, and even add some LED holiday lights to the side of the sleigh for good measure!


Ben: Every year Santa has to overcome a logistical challenge that even Amazon would cringe at, so to that end it’s important that the fat man in red maximizes his sled performance. The first thing I’d add is Ohlins Group N Rally Shocks so he can nail every take off and landing. Naturally, the best handling does you no good if you can’t stop or accelerate. To maximize traction in all conditions I’d outfit each of Santa’s eight tiny (yet powerful) reindeer with the finest Bridgestone Blizzak WS80 reindeer shoes. With traction in check the last piece of the puzzle is brakes. Now, ole’ Donner, Blitzen and team do an admirable job of stopping Santa’s sleigh, but when fully loaded for delivery Santa’s team needs all the help they can get. I’d install a Brembo eight-piston big brake kit on all four corners to maximise clamping power. And in case you were wondering what I’d do with all the heat transfer from the brakes, I’d use it to heat the onboard hot cocoa dispenser of course.



Claire: If I was to trick out Santa’s sleigh, and money was as abundant as my stress during finals week, I’d start by painting it “BMW Deep Blue Pearl – Matte”. The seats and steering wheel would be red leather and there’d be carbon fiber details all around the interior. The windows would be tinted slightly darker than Minnesota’s regulations. It’d mount a splitter on the front, maybe even an aero kit. Although I love the slightly arrogant businessman vibe this design has to it right now, it needs a little Christmas. I’d install classic Christmas light colored interior lights that dance to Santa Baby – Santa’s new sleigh would rival the Cash Cab.


Alex: Santa seems like a pretty busy guy on Christmas Eve. To get around the globe, dropping off toys at billions of homes in a single night must be exhausting and downright dangerous, especially for someone as old as ‘ol St. Nick. I’d bring his sleigh into modern times by incorporating modern safety tech, similar to Subaru’s EyeSight with cameras and sensors all around to keep Santa on course and out of harm’s way. I bet Santa could even talk Elon Musk into fitting his sleigh with a Tesla Auto Pilot feature. Maybe we could give Rudolph and the rest of the herd a break too and replace them with some rocket-powered reindeer instead.