Recently, I sold my condo of 10 years – and while the plan is to buy a house – I haven’t yet. If you’ve ever shopped for a house you know it isn’t easy, and it certainly isn’t stress-free. So I decided to focus on the selling and not the buying since I have some time before I need to do that part. While laying in bed last night doing battle with insomnia, I thought of some more…creative living options for myself, and decided to share the rabbit hole I stumbled down.

With the nonstop “overlanding” talk in the office recently I found myself drawn to this killer 1971 Ford 3100 Van. It has the “look” and seems to have the function, but the current owner doesn’t sell the interior features operation very well. I really love the color, upgraded suspension, and lights as they’re currently set up, though. After I stumbled upon the Ford van, eBay recommended I look at this VW Westfalia that’s powered by a Subaru motor. I have always had a soft spot for the Syncro Westfalias, and this one seems like a keeper thanks to the power increase from the 2.5 liter Subaru engine. While the engine itself doesn’t have all that many miles on it, the chassis (while looking to be in great shape) does have – and show – a bit of high-mileage usage.

After closing eBay for the night, I realized that the first couple of options are somewhat restricted by needing to have simple things like water and electricity hooked up. This got me thinking about off-grid living. My first choice would be an
Earthroamer adventure RV. Buying an Earthroamer is on my post-lottery-winning list, but my soon to be homelessness and having cash in my pocket had me giving them serious consideration. They just released an updated model based on the new aluminum Super Duty, but there are some nice pre-owned units to be had as well. I found a great 2015 model with all the off-grid options I would want: solar power, a functioning bathroom with shower, and a massive 90 gallon fuel tank.


And now, back to reality – after all, I am actually looking for a real house and not just some creepy van to live in “down by the river!” Next, I stumbled across some neat houses that have a lot of garage space. I started my search with 4 car garages, or more. I found several both in and out my price range, though mostly it seemed they were out.

18135-13th-Avenue-N-Plymouth-MN-55447-4791118-image3The first one I found that I liked, while the house isn’t anything special other than having more space then I would probably use to live in, does have a ton of garage space that seems like the right challenge to make use of. A more normal garage located on the house, and attached to that, the former owner built a very large garage/shop space. I assume it was built to house an RV or large boat. This massive garage has a very high ceiling height and large windows, giving it a lot natural light and plenty of space for all the toys you could handle.


A more budget minded option would be this 4 car garage home in Crystal. A great location for work and nightlife being that close to the city, plus an insulated double deep two car garage that has plenty of space for a long term project car, and the daily drivers. The house itself has plenty of bedrooms and bathrooms, and did you read the garage already has a gas line plumbed for heat? Yup!

Copy of Current Location, 710

Last but not least, (but maybe it should be least) “The Dojo“.  While it isn’t zoned to live in, many people already think I do sleep there, so why not fulfill that prophecy? Admittedly, it doesn’t have some the amenities I would prefer, such as a kitchen, shower, and separate living quarters. I have, however, grown attached to its charming warehouse style and the satellite TV – which is something I haven’t had in a long time. I might just buy a tent and put it on one of our Land Cruisers and live in that in the Dojo parking lot!

LandCruiser Tent




While I wrote this in jest, homelessness is a large problem around the Twin Cities. I am partnering with Perspectives, Inc – Empowering Mothers Rebuilding Families to help raise money and awareness. Please click on my link below and donate any amount you can by clicking the image below.

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