Your average Joe goes to SEMA to check out all the cool cars on display.  Me, I got just as excited about the various haulers that were onhand and on display. Maybe I’m a bit desensitized to cars after working in the industry for 15 years or perhaps I just know that when you get some of the most badass cars together under one roof you’re bound to see some trick haulers.  So, without further ado I’ll run through my top picks from the show.

We’ll start with my absolute favorite from the show. While most people were feasting their eyes on the Acura NSX GT3 racer, I couldn’t stop looking at the trailer it was perched atop. It’s frame was like something Ariel would make if they were in the trailer business. The composite platform the NSX rested upon made up a hydraulic articulating ramp. The trailer was neat, clean and unlike any open trailer I’d seen. It was beautiful.



Now, if you ever owned an Acura NSX GT3 car, you’d surely never transport it on an open trailer. Well, unless you’re not one of those crazy Europeans that haul multi-million dollar Group-C race cars to track days on open trailers…but I digress. So, for the cars you simply can’t leave out in the open may I suggest a stacker trailer. ATC, that’s Aluminum Trailer Company to the unitiated, has built a reputation for building quality trailers and it’s stacker stood out in a sea of LED light bar wearing pickup trucks. It appeared to be the perfect trailer for hauling your two favorite track day weapons to the track and being the envy of the paddock.




If you’re going to dream about car haulers you may as well dream big, as in big rig. The question becomes toterhome or traditional tractor trailer. I’d argue that a toterhome offers greater opportunity for lounge space and other amenities. On the other hand, when you go to the track you don’t really go to lounge inside your air conditioned tow rig. I suppose it’s a curiousity I’ll never have to worry about seeing I don’t think I’ll ever graduate past a pickup truck and modest enclosed trailer combo.



If you’re more like Adam and fancy a motorcycle over a car there were a couple unique all-in-one adventure haulers out there. Take the rig below for example. Just looking at it makes me want to buy a couple thumpers (that’s a single cylinder dirt bike in motorcycle lingo), travel to the desert and rip around. Based on it’s looks this rig would surely get you there and back.


On the other end of the spectrum was this lowered all-in-one GM C30 Cargo van conversion. It surely wouldn’t bring you anywhere close to a dirt bike trail, but I could see some cool Cafe racers hauled around in this trick truck. Adam could too. We had to drag him away from this rig kicking and screaming.


Some people simply don’t have a use for a car trailer or motorcycle hauler. You might argue they’re wise or maybe they just haven’t succumbed to the motoring malady. Regardless, there are still ample opportunities for them to drop lots of cash into a recreational trailer. Take the one below for instance. It’s pint-sized package expands to offer flexible overnight stays wherever the trail might lead you. I didn’t catch the price, but I’d reckon it costs close to the price of an enclosed trailer. It certainly brings more cred to your outdoorsy offroad antics though.


Here’s another take on the adventure trailer. Nothing says roughing it like having a 2k watt inverter generator plugged into your tent tralier. I can’t criticize it though, I’d probably want a little power myself. If only it had AC, then I’d be sold.