So now that it’s 2019 we just can’t help but look back at the great year of 2018. We had some trips around the Midwest, we took a trip to Vegas, we even rekindled a long lost love. So join us as we look back at some of our best stories of 2018, and look forward to the year ahead!

Porsche’s Birthday Bash

We had so much fun at the first annual BierGruppe event that we’re already awaiting the announcements for 2019. Bauhaus Brewlabs was host to some amazing vehicles of the air-cooled, safari and other variety for Porsche’s 70th birthday bash. The weather was amazing, the company couldn’t have been any better, and we’re already wishing it was June so we could do this all again.

Ralleye de Valleye – 

We patiently wait for the currently falling snow to melt so we can dig out our toys and play again outside. As we sit inside and wait we can only look back at one of our favorite road rallies of the year. That was the Ralleye de Valleye which is open to only vintage cars and covers a good driving chunk of MN and WI this past July. We took our trusty steed the, “Mini Horse” and rallied through the beautiful Summer weather which we currently miss oh so much.

“The Hawk” at Road America

The Hawk at Road America is one of the best race weekends of the year. It’s always a great way to split up the summer and escape for a few days to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life and do a little racing. Ben drove the wheels off of his 914/6 and I spent some time photoing all the sites and sounds of the event.

The One That Almost Got Away

Alex B. once had a Miata that was smashed and crashed which forced him to give it away to a new home. That didn’t stop him from tracking it down some years later just to find out that it was living just down the street from his home! So he did what any lover would do and track down his long-lost love and brought it home to live happily ever after.

The Last Thing You Need

Ben has a history of maybe overdoing it in the project department. So much so that he decided to build a camper so he and the family could go out in the woods and enjoy all that beautiful summer weather that we miss so much. He built this camper your looking at with his own two hands and did exactly what he set out to do, which was camp with the family in the woods. You can read about the trials and tribulation that he went through to make this dream a reality.

SEMA 2018

Last, but certainly not least is SEMA 2018. SEMA never disappoints and this year we walked for two days straight until we literally couldn’t feel our legs anymore. We saw trophy trucks, lowered trucks, lifted trucks, monster trucks, and legit anything else you could possibly think of when it came to trucks. Then we walked into one of the other 4 halls and spent two days with our jaws on the ground looking at all the amazing builds, products, and showcases taking place in sunny Las Vegas.