Fast Fact Friday – 7/6

Are you deserving of the title ‘car-enthusiast’? Our Fast Fact Fridays are full of fun and bizarre facts about our Heritage cars that not even the most knowledgable car-guys are familiar with!

5 Fast Facts

  1. Corvette was first the name of Enlightenment-era warships in the 17th These had a single tier of guns and were a combat grade below the frigate. The navy even still uses corvettes today, though modernized and updated. Corvette ships are fast and maneuverable, which are both appropriate descriptors for the nimble Corvette sports cars as well.
  2. The way we can outfit our car purchases today is ridiculous, it wouldn’t be much of a surprise to see a car with a built in Keurig. However, the ’53 Corvette originally came with only two additional options; you could add a heater for $91 and/or an AM radio for $145.
  3. In 1922, two motorcycle enthusiasts William Walmsley and William Lyons founded the Swallow Sidecar Company. Swallow quickly and smoothly transitioned from motorcycle equipment to car manufacturing, becoming the most famous British car brand, Jaguar.
  4. Alfa Romeo has been involved with motor racing since they were founded in 1911. The first racing models were very advanced for their time. They were powered by 12h/p or 24h/p engines and reached top speeds of 100 km/h. The Alfa Corsa surpassed the first racing model and became the foundation for Alpha’s future victories in F1, Grand Prix, Indy and Touring circuit racing.
  5. The 1976 Eldorado was the only American convertible until the 1984 model year. The federal government drafted safety legislation that would have prohibit the convertible if enacted, many automakers killed off their drop-tops preemptively. However, GM continued to produce the Eldorado and marketed it as “the last convertible.” Collectors flocked to snatch them up.

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