It’s the final week of October and the final Fall Spot of the year, what better way to celebrate than with a ghost story!

Self-described as historic and contemporary, the Palmer House clearly is hiding the descriptor that it really got it’s fame from,  haunted. The restaurant’s website’s History tab shares that the hotel was opened in 1900 and includes a short summary of its significance in the history of Sauk Centre, but there’s not mentioning of the boy who died in the early 1900s but still lives there today.

Yes, you assumed correctly, the boy is a ghost. Sweating yet? Legend has it the boy died of the flu while staying at the hotel and has made it his home since. Disappearing remotes, and moved silver utensils and tables are said to be pranks pulled by the little boy. It’s common for children that are staying at the hotel to ask their parents who the “boy at the top of the stairs” is. There are dozens of other stories that support that the Palmer House Hotel is haunted. Guests have reported that the thermostat changes on its own and that every night around 3:00am the AC cranks up and turns the lobby into a walk-in freezer. Some other incidents include stories of a man with a broken cane who has been seen at the bar but has never been seen entering or leaving the building. Take a look at the picture below, someone caught a picture of the beer-loving ghost walking past a mirror.

Guests have felt taps on their limbs that have come uncovered in the middle of the night, and countless people have fallen down the stairs, claiming that they’d been pushed when no one else was around. A handful of hotel employees say that they hear footsteps balls bouncing from empty rooms almost every night. Not to mention, would you be able to sleep if you heard someone whisper your name all night long?

Enough of the ghost stories, let’s talk food. The Palmer House Hotel Restaurant & Pub has a historic and haunted vibe to it as well, yet it’s food is classic American. Some menu items include fresh-made Fish Tacos and big Bacon Cheese Burgers. The food looks pretty delicious, but does that trump the unavoidable ghost roommates? I’ll leave that one up to you to decide.

If you’re typically on edge when it comes to paranormal findings, the Palmer House Hotel Restaurant & Pub is the perfect fall spot to get you in the Halloween spirit. Make your evening even more exciting, drive a Morrie’s Heritage classic car to your historic, haunted dinner!