They call it the Billionaire Bloody – What in the world is that? Where in the world can I get it? – Let me tell ya! 

Mallory’s Restaurant & Rooftop Bar is the place to go for the lip licking, over the top, 64 oz Billionaire Bloody. Served only on Saturdays and Sundays, this gigantic bloody mary is reason alone to make the drive to Mallory’s in Hudson, WI. An added bonus is that The Rooftop overlooks the Saint Croix, making for a beautiful view of colorful leaves along the shoreline.

Although, it’s already obvious what people’s favorite item on the menu is, my mouth is watering as I glance over all the options! Let’s talk appetizers – Supposedly, their cheese curds and dipping sauce is the best you’ll ever have, and I can just image sweet smell and warmth of the fresh Bavarian soft-baked pretzels. They come with delicious sounding homemade honey mustard, beer cheese, or chipotle berry sauce too.. I’ll take the beer cheese x3, please!

I know your belly isn’t full yet, it’s time to check out the dinner options – Their burgers look phenomenal, I especially like the sound of the Pueblo Burger. Just picture a 1/2lb in-house pattied burger topped with Wisconsin cherrywood bacon, perfectly ripe avocado, fresh pico de gallo and melted pepper jack cheese all stacked between a crisped brioche bun. Hungry yet? If you’re not feelin’ a burger, customers rave about their Smokey 3 Pigs and Cheese. No need to imagine this one, the picture below. You’ll notice too, subbing the default shoestring fries for their housemade tots is a must! If you haven’t noticed, it’s already October, and fall weather means soup weather; Malory’s has exceptional Bistro French Onion and seasonal Wild Rice soups. Their lunch menu includes a Half Sandwich + Cup of Soup option and the Cranberry Club is one of the most favored choices. Like I said, the menu is extensive, they even have TWO different steak sections on it, so I’m sure there’ll be something that calls your name!

Last but not least, dessert – I don’t know how you’re going to choose, the Layer Chocolate Fudge Cake, Carrot Cake, Classic NY Cheesecake and Flourless Chocolate Torte all look incredible. If you’re not too into baked treats, you could end on a refreshing specialty drink too!

Now that your belly’s grumbling, hop in a classic Heritage car and head to Mallory’s Restaurant & Rooftop Bar. The foliage along the St. Croix will make the cruise to this fall spot extra enjoyable!