There are just a couple weeks left of the pumpkin spice season, have you gotten you fall fix yet? Halloween’s approaching fast, continue reading for details on the perfect spooky celebration spot!

Descend into the depths of Hell’s Kitchen for a delicious, Halloween-appropriate meal and experience. The restaurant is essentially an underground food lair, decorated with devilish paintings and sculptures, and even a chandelier made of daggers. You won’t see any other color besides red and black throughout the entire venue, I’m pretty sure Dracula himself was their interior designer.

Hell’s Kitchen is arguably most well known for their brunch, specifically their ridiculous Jacked Up Bloody Mary & Mimosa bar. On Saturdays and Sundays from 9am-2pm you can take a trip down the 35ft black icicle hallway for just $15 and craft your own consumable masterpiece. This may sound expensive, but the drinks themselves are a meal, just take a peek below. There are 247 hot sauces to choose from, a variety of gourmet rim salts, olives, meats, cheeses, peppers and other garnishes such as crab claws, sliders, and broasted chicken. If you’re not one for spice, you can go down the Mimosa path instead. There are dozens of juice options, fresh fruit, cupcakes, gummy candies and a plethora of other fun embellishments to choose from.

People travel near and far for Hell’s Kitchen’s Minnesota Icon menu items as well. The reviews are flooding with approving comments about the Lemon-Ricotta Hotcakes, Mahnomin Wild Rice Porridge, and Ham & Pear Crisp Sandwich. Other commonly raved about dishes are the slimy Caramel-Pecan Roll, the Juicy Lucifer, and the Garlic-Parmesan Tots.

Whether you like finger-licking breakfast pastries, cheese-oozing burgers that regulars suggest topping with thick-cut bacon and homemade peanut butter, or fancy fried potatoes, Hell’s Kitchen is the place to go. Cruise the city streets in a classic car like a creepy-crawly VW Beetle to make the trip even more fun!